The Togolese Head of State did not say what fate awaits the agreement that brought the opposition Union of Forces for Change , UFC into a government of national unity two years ago.

But on of the modified articles of the statutes of the new UNIR political party adopted at the General Assembly at Atakpame on Sunday the 15th of april 2012 says the party can at any given  moment establish rapports of collaboration with other political parties supporting the presidential movement either for the sake of the formation of a coalition or total fusion.
The new modified articles also talk about the possibilities of capturing personalities represented in political, economic and social associations “with the view of the creation of a new political force.
The new articles of the statutes also state unambiguously that the decision for the fusion or creation of a new political party produce the same effects as its dissolution such as provided for by the laws regulating the general principles of the formation  of parties in practice in Togo.
It points out that the new adopted articles henceforth put an end to all the activities and functions of the former ruling RPT party as a political party and releases or frees in their entirety the founders and adherents of the ex-unique party from all liabilities.
For the moment all organs of the party have been dissolved.

Ebow Godwin, Lome


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