Old fadama
Old fadama

Three weeks after a demolition exercise by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) at Old Fadama, some residents have begun setting up some make shift tents at the location. When Citi News visited the site on Monday, there were over 20 tents, which had been put up by some of the residents there. Some of them who spoke to Citi News defended their action explaining that they have nowhere to lay their heads, hence their refusal to vacate the place.

old fadama2?The reason why I?m building the tent is that I have many cattle here so I can?t leave them behind, unless I sell them before I can leave this town. Moreover, I don?t have anywhere to go because I lost all my properties in the demolition exercise,? one of the residents told Citi News. Another one lamented, ?we have our businesses here. Some of us are butchers and scrap dealers and we lost most of our properties. Some of us lost 5 rooms, others 18 rooms, 20 rooms and the like. Some of us lost our monies in our rooms because we were not around.?

Another resident who was busily putting up his tent said, ?when we go back to the north, we will have nothing to do. We are just around; even if they destroy the whole market, we are not going anywhere. We will be in Accra because this is where we work, so no matter how the situation is we will still be in Accra.? Meanwhile, some of the residents who were willing to return to their hometowns in the northern part of Ghana have been transported back home.



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