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With the emergence of social media, we are simply bombarded with lots of social channels from all directions that do not add value to us or promote positive values.

In view of this, there is only one social media channel proudly developed by Ghanaians that seeks to promote positive values and gives you the platform to experience the joy around events shared by many across the globe.

Speaking on in a short video, the CEO, Mr Alex Ayitey said, “ is a global virtual community social media that embraces people from different political, social, and economic cultures, who intend to network and promote their varied agenda in a form of events.”

He added that, essentially, it’s a global platform that should link up people from different ethnic, academic, religious backgrounds, not for profit and governmental institutions, and any other international organization.

He intimated further that’s “ultimate goal is to promote positivity, good behaviours, joy and happiness in our communities.”

Mr Alex Ayitey is a Ghanaian living in the United States of America. was developed by Giga Applications.

Watch Mr. Alex Ayitey, CEO of My Joy Event talks about in the video above.

About, Global Events Center is a social and economic networking platform that serves as a virtual community where individuals can socialize with each other, post future events, post and exchange their pictures and videos and hold discussions on a broad spectrum of topics. Read More

Why Choose

My Joy Events Center provides much functionalities and browsing experience to all groups of people than other social networking sites that are available. With My Joy Events, Non-Profit Organizations, government institutions, and other international organizations can create their corporate accounts for the marketing and provision of their services through this virtual community.Enjoyment Individuals and organizations can also hold virtual conferences, live fairs, training programs, workshops, presentations, and fund-raising activities through the accounts that
they have opened on this virtual community platform.

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You can sign up now to join and experience the joy shared by many around the world. Member is free.
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