Some exclusive character posters for Spike Lee’s upcoming drama “Chi-Raq” have made their way online. One of the new posters features Samuel L. Jackson wearing a black suit and a panama hat with the words “Da Land of Misery” written on the poster.

The other two posters feature Nick Cannon and John Cusack. Cannon is seen clenching his hand in front of the camera. “The Truth Shall Set You Free,” so reads the tagline in the image. Meanwhile, Cusack is seen spinning a gun with his finger while wearing a peace-sign necklace as the words “Put Down the Gun” are written in the poster.


Cusack recently revealed the difficulties he encountered during the filming. “Satire of this type is almost the most difficult thing you can do. You think of ‘Dr. Strangelove’ and ‘Network’ or ‘Putney Swope’… It’s a very strange mixture of hyper-intelligence and almost farcical, gross stupidity. It’s a very shocking to shift tones that much, so some satires have an emotional core and some are so stylized, like ‘Strangelove’. It’s a challenging, ambitious form,” he opened up.

“Chi-Raq” is a modern day adaptation of the ancient Greek play “Lysistrata” by Aristophanes. It centers on a woman who leads a sex strike to protest the on-going violence in Chicago’s Southside after the murder of a child. Lee also produced the movie and wrote the script alongside Kevin Willmott. The drama is scheduled to be released in limited theaters in the U.S. on December 4.



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