Mr. Ademola Oluseyi Onafonoka (Left) presents his credentials to President MahamaThe New Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana Ademola Oluseyi Onafonoka has pledged to ensure Nigerian traders in the country to respect the nation?s laws and ECOWAS protocols.

Mr. Ademola Oluseyi Onafonoka expressed his government?s gratitude to Ghana for the tolerance shown Nigerians traders in Ghana.

The new High Commissioner said this when he presented his letter of credence to President John Mahama at the Castle, Osu on Thursday.

Mr. Onafonoka said ?he will ensure Nigerian traders in Ghana adhere to the ECOWAS trading laws.?

?I pledge I will keep talking to them so that they work according to the laws of Ghana and that of ECOWAS,? he said.
President John Dramani Mahama on his part pledged Ghana?s support to Nigeria in its natural leadership role as the two countries collaborate in efforts to ensure economic integration for the ECOWAS sub-region.

?The relation between the two countries is historic and based on common values and culture and hopes this close relation continues,? President Mahama said.

President Mahama asked the Nigerian High Commissioner to continue from where his predecessors left off.

He said he hopes that during the stay of Mr. Onafonoka the two nations will be able to move the ECOWAS integration project further and create the situation where ?the people will be able to interact and carry out their businesses without unnecessary restrictions.?

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