New Music : University of Ghana Cypher (Hot or Not!)

This is the University of Ghana, Legon cypher featuring Static James,cypher,Seddy [@SedinamAbena], Rocboi [@SIRBOAKYE],General [@hetakesover] and Nasby[ @nastynasby ]. What were they thinking? In the words of VIP ‘Which kind yawa be this?’

Listen : University of Ghana Cypher :

[audio:]This is so boring no offense, none of them impressed me. First of all they need to lose that ‘fake’ locally acquired foreign accent, it’s 2012 we’re tired of it from our movies to radios and music, people be yourself!! Second work of their flow and their mic presence, this sounds too shallow, its like they are reading from paper, no soul in what they are rapping about.

This is not hating just straight telling it like it is. All the cursing with B-word,N-world not necessary especially when you’re not saying much on a track!!!  If these are the best on UG campus then God help us!!!

Maybe we are too harsh with our ‘criticism’ but let us know how you feel about it in the comments box..

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