liquid waste
liquid waste

The 15-million-U.S.-dollar project which is a partnership between Zoomlion and the government of Ghana is expected to improve waste situation in the city. The plant is designed for a lifespan of at least 20 years.

The Septage Treatment Plant has a maximum treatment capacity of 2,400 cubic meters per day, and can generate electricity from methane and other gases in the cleaning process.

That initiative is also expected to put an end to a more than a century-old practice of discharging liquid waste into the sea at a place nick-named “Lavender Hill.”

Said Haider, Managing Director of Sewerage Systems Ghana Ltd, said the project would serve about 2 million residents and create job opportunities for hundreds of people.

Commissioning the plant, Mahama urged Ghanaians to change their attitude towards waste management.

“I made a definite commitment in our party manifesto and will, therefore, ensure that the projects are executed by 2021 to end open defecation in Accra and other regional and district capitals,” Mahama stated. Enditem

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