The Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL) has taken its newly introduced lubricants to the doorstep of consumers. This is the second of a series in the Kumasi metropolis aimed at educating customers about the products.

These products have been named such that the uninitiated will know which is good for the particular vehicle one uses or drives. GOIL has segmented the market for its lubricants and has developed unique products for each transport segment to suit its peculiar engine needs. The range of lubricants include GOIL Super Taxi, GOIL Power Trotro, GOIL Heavy Duty and GOIL Power 4WD.

GOIL has retail outlets scattered across the length and breadth of the country, and the company constantly innovates to improve on its existing products — shaping new product offerings to meet changing needs of the motoring public.

These lubricants are currently available at the Company?s retail outlets and selected distributors, and are formulated with special additives to provide extra quality to each market segment.

The specially formulated lubricants for both commercial and private cars contain additives which ensure the physical and chemical stability of the product, and thus remain unchanged even after prolonged exposure to mechanical and thermal stresses.

Although named as ??GOIL SUPER TAXI?? and GOIL POWER TROTRO?, they have varied applications in the lubricating needs of other petrol and diesel engines respectively. Due to the additional additives, private users whose engines do not undergo this harsh stress gain in the form of longer drain intervals.

According to Ms Belinda Boadi, the lubricants Manager of GOIL, GOIL Super Taxi is premium quality single-grade gasoline/petrol engine oil, suitable for naturally aspirated or mildly turbo charged diesel engines.? It has sustained viscosity stability during use. ?

The GOIL Power Trotro, she says, is good quality single-grade diesel engine oil suitable for older designs of naturally aspirated diesel engines where moderate service conditions prevail. ?

The GOIL Heavy Duty is a premium single-grade quality engine oil that fulfils the needs of most diesel and petrol engines. This oil is suitable for naturally aspirated as well as turbo charged diesel engines where severe service is encountered. ?

The GOIL Power 4WD is versatile quality multi-game oil developed to control the aeration properties of high technology engines so as to minimise the air entrainment in the lubricating oil, ensuring long usage.

The campaign started in Accra and will continue in other parts of the country.


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