Menaye Donkor, the new face of Printex?s latest additions, Arete and Xclusive has toured some outlets in Accra and other parts of the country in her first task as Face of Printex. Menaye Donkor, a former Miss Ghana Universe 2004 was on the tour to interact with Printex vendors, familiarize herself with their activities and promote the new prints.

Clad in her Xclusive and Arete; Printex?s new additions, Menaye Donkor, wife of Ghana Black Stars mid fielder Sulley Muntari was all smiles as she interacted with the vendors obviously enjoying the work In her own words, Arete and Xclusive ?represents the true African woman?.She says

?I grew up knowing Printex; my grandma wore Printex and my mum still wears Printex. And it is such a fabric with class?. I love them both; Xclusive and Arete for many reasons. I like the colours and the blend. It is very colourful. A lot of women can relate to it. You feel good when you have it on?.

The Public Relations Consultant for Printex Limited, Chester Anie says Xclusive and Arete goes beyond class; ?it defines elegance?. Speaking in an interview, he said Arete and Xclusive ?define elegance for anybody who wants to feel elegant?, hence, Arete and Xclusive?s catch phrase; ?defining elegance?.

Upon her appointment as the new Face of Printex, Menaye Donkor, a model, who has worked with many acclaimed international fashion designers, will use her experience, knowledge and connections in the fashion world to promote Xclusive and Arete. She started off with her tour of the many Printex outlets in Accra and other parts of the country.

Chester Anie revealed that Printex will soon open some more outlets around the country and at some popular joints to make both Xclusive and Arete even more accessible than it already is. The cute and elegant beauty has so far defined the elegance and class of the fabric making it appealing to both the young and the old, the professionals and the traditional people

Source : XfmNewsCenter


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