Hmmmm! Africa what is happening now? I waked up this morning to check my whatsap videos and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Olden day slavery has repeated itself in contemporary world. Not anywhere in the globe but our very own Africa country Libya. Human beings no longer have conscience for his fellow black people. Lives are being tormented and sold for as low as 40pounds. This is a shame to us as Africans as it tells our story in a very negative way.

Maltreating humans beings and selling them cheaply to other humans beings has been the order for the day instead of uniting as one people to fight for our very own people, we are rather fighting ourselves. May God have mercy on us. I am not surprised that the true definition of an African has totally changed as we always expect to be enslaved and ruled by the whites.

Welcome to Africa where its citizens feel reluctant to think independently on their own.

Welcome to Africa that does not tell it story but expect our story to be told by a different continent.

Welcome to Africa where its citizens have more passion to foreign goods than local goods.

Welcome to Africa where its citizens would prefer running to Europe, Asia, and America to seek for greener pastures. It’s very sorrowful to see these things happening to us. It is about time Africans rise up to take it’s rightly place in the world.

Africa needs new education to redeem its lost reputation. An education that will allow us to think independently on our own and to contribute to the development of our own country.

Africa needs new education to be able to tell our own story. For us to realize this greatest call for national development, we need to have a renew heart and mind and build our continent again. Every country has a fair turn to be as great as he pleases but it all depends on the mindset of its citizens. If we make up our mind that we are too special to be fooled by the whites, and learn to appreciate what we have and grow it to feed ourselves, our story wouldn’t be told by a different continent.

For how long must feverish birds be silent before their maker? Let’s come together as one people and build the Africa that we imagine to be some years to come. Our generation looks up to us to set the pace. Our youth are dying because our systems and policies are not friendly to them.

Unemployment is continually increasing to its maximum. As a result of this, our youths are engaging in activities that do not and should not represent a true African.

Lately, Africa is dying because of corruption. Monies which can be channeled into developmental projects to employ our jobless youth find itself in the pocket of some corrupt officials. Why won’t our youth abandon their country to seek for greener pastures elsewhere?

We all have a role to play to redeem our lost reputation. Therefore let’s position our mindset in a more positive way and contribute to help our country respectively. We can make it wherever we are. May the good lord help us all. Thank you.

Writer: Solomon Solari Sarpong
Student Activist (UEW)



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