New Christian Democrat Leader Sid Cordle MBE

012, UK, Refugee News Network )-?When will they keep their promise to help marriage and the family?? Asks Sid Cordle MBE, New Leader of the CPA

Following the Chancellor?s Autumn Statement, Sid Cordle MBE, new leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance party (CPA) charged George Osborne with ducking the issue of supporting marriage and the family. Mr Cordle, a former member of the Conservative Party?s National Executive, condemned the Chancellor?s attack on benefits recipients and the Coalition?s continued failure to say anything about helping marriage and families.

The party of Christian Democrats is pointing to the Conservative?s election pledge in 2010, which stated, ? We will recognise marriage and civil partnerships in the tax system in the next Parliament. This will send an important signal that we value couples and the commitment that people make when they get married.? Mr Cordle, who served as a Sheffield city councillor and was a Tory PPC urged churches in Britain to evaluate the government by what is does, not what it said to Christians before a General Election to win their favour:

?Yet again the commitment to marriage has been simply ignored. Instead the Coalition has indicated they may well press ahead with redefining marriage which does nothing at all to help families or strengthen family units. Gay marriage does not give any new legal benefits that civil partnerships don?t provide. It seems that a decision has been taken that strengthening traditional marriage and the family is no longer important to the Conservative Party. This shows again that the Christian Peoples Alliance is needed to speak out for marriage and the family.?

Addressing the Chancellor?s announcement of a cut of ?3.7billion to welfare benefits by limiting increases to 1%, regardless of inflation, Sid Cordle added:

?It seems that while he is able to cut corporation tax to levels significantly lower than those of competitor nations and while he is able to reduce the top rate of tax from 50% to 45% for those earning above ?150,000 per year, Chancellor George Osborne is willing to take money away from the poorest in our society.  This is an indication of a morally bankrupt government. Helping the poor is a key commitment of the Christian Peoples Alliance. We are pledged to oppose every attempt to cut benefits whilst the super-rich manage to exempt themselves from the pain the rest of society is enduring.?


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