The ad campaign focuses on women being targeted by online fraudsters


Elsewhere, the woman he is mimicking is tapping details into an online shopping website.

This is part of a stark new campaign to highlight the dangers of cybercrime.

The message: “If you’re careless with your details someone can steal your identity.”

The advert ends with the man ordering a loan in the woman’s voice saying “Yes, I have all the details right here.”

The new warning comes just a week after Sky News revealed that ID fraud on loans had risen by 58%.

The Home Office campaign also highlights a new study from the National Fraud Authority which finds the majority of women feel that there is nothing they can do to stop a determined fraudster.

This is despite broad awareness of the risks of fraud and the measures that many are taking to limit the dangers.

The Devil’s in Your Details” campaign focuses on women aged 35-55 who the National Fraud Authority say are a high-risk group, vulnerable to scams such as online shopping, property investment and account takeover fraud.

They estimate these scams alone cost the UK over £4.2bn a year.

In another advert a scruffy man sits down next to a woman on a park bench.

He says he’s from her bank and he wants her to confirm her password.

It’s a reference to phishing emails and phone calls where scammers masquerade as trustworthy businesses in an effort to gain information.

Research found that 56% of women surveyed were unsure whether they had the technological skills to help protect themselves from fraud in the online world.

Source: skynews

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