I Have Never Been A Lover Of Children-caroline
Caroline Sampson
Caroline Sampson

Until radio and TV presenter, Caroline Sampson became pregnant with her first baby Jayden, three years ago, it had never crossed her mind that she would ever be a mother.

She told Showbiz last week that she had never been a lover of children, a situation that almost convinced her that she was not ready for a baby until she realised she was pregnant and considering that, she was not prepared to have something she has never appreciated.

?I have never been one who loves children, they put me off, so when I finally made the decision to have my son against all alternative decisions that were battling in my mind, I knew it was for a better cause and I can boldly say that I have no regrets today.

?Yes, the pregnancy wasn?t planned but becoming a mother has taught me one of the greatest virtues of life which is to appreciate and care about those around you. I have become more responsible now and cannot just stand the sight of a child in need and turn a blind eye.

She said despite being denied the opportunity to spend much time with her son due to her busy schedules as a radio and TV presenter and model, she has vowed not to deny her son who she describes as her pride the chance to enjoy the warmth of a mother? s love.

?My son means so much to me and has given me a different meaning to life. I am more focused, determined and hungry for success. I can?t afford to be a failure because I want my son to be proud of me. He is my source of inspiration when the going gets tough.

?I am mainly motivated by the fact that since I want more, I do more. And that has brought me this far?.

She cleverly avoided answering a question about her relationship with her son?s father. ?No comment, I have moved on and that belongs to my past,? she said.

The host of Y Lounge on YFM admitted that as one who always wants to love and be loved, she would consider getting into another relationship should the right man come along.

?Yes, I won?t be hypocritical and say that I don?t want to be loved. I have got many guys who have expressed interest in me but I want to tread cautiously this time around because of bitter experiences in the past.

?People love to criticise you because they judge you by what they hear and what they perceive in their minds of what you are but I have always developed a tough skin for that.

I have worked my way here by hard work and perseverance and it won?t take people who virtually know nothing about me to discourage and block my dreams. I am aiming for the best in life and will not relent in my efforts to achieve that,? she said.

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