Airline travel during the holidays is hard enough without having to worry about parking your car and knowing that it is safe and secure. This is especially true when you must depart from the busiest airports, which are living nightmares during the season. Take Heathrow airport parking as an example. If you book your flight and assume that you will be able to park when you arrive, you are running about a 99.9% chance of missing your flight. Of course, there are three ways that can help you to avoid this hassle altogether, providing you have not angered the airport parking Gods The most obvious choice is to take a cab to the airport, or save even more and have a friend or family member drop you off Another option is to take a room for the night at one of the hotels that always settle near the airport and then take advantage of their airport shuttle service Pre-book your car space from one of the many car parks at the airport when you pre-book your flight .

Throwing Caution to the Wind Of course, there are obvious disadvantages in almost any option you take.

It is as common a law as that of Newton’s law of gravity. Taking a cab can be a great idea or a bad idea, depending on several million details that could cause you to stand on the tarmac and wave bye-bye to your flight. Set aside for a moment that depending upon where you live, you can park two or three cars at the airport and still have enough left over to purchase a dozen roses for the flight attendant for money that you will pay for a cab. Taxi service during the holiday season is almost as bad as air travel. An overworked driver can make you late for a flight faster than you can shake your fist at the sky Angry Airport Gods Staying at an airport hotel could also be a mistake, if the Gods of airport travel are against you. For one thing, airport hotels are always much more expensive than those in other parts of the city. Shuttle buses break down or run behind schedule.

There is always the possibility that someone will forget your wake-up call or the computer that does that could experience technical difficulty, please sleep in Gloves-A Mask- And Some Lysol Please Another down side to airport hotel stays is what is known in the trade as the yuck factor. The yuck factor is where your room was hastily prepared and the people who stayed in it before you left nasty little clues, like hair in the tub around the drain, those little white spots you find on bathroom mirrors, (and only bathroom mirrors) and let’s not mention what might be found between the sheets. Who could sleep with all that going on? Make the Right Choice Pre-booking your  Heathrow airport parking space the moment you finish booking your flight is the wisest way to go. Airports are highly efficient places. Regardless of what goes wrong, airport service teams, and even the airline staff will bend over backwards to see to it that you get from point-A, which is where you park your car, to point-B which is the gate from which you board your plane. If you must travel during the holiday season, always book your car space in advance as well

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