A Ghanaian base Netherland female singer with the name Nira but known in real life as Munira Hauwert has debut her first single release unto two markets that is both internationally and local titled ‘I Love you’.

 Nira who lives in Bovenkarspel in the northern part of the Netherlands and Nima in Ghana said that growing up she was always surrounded by music encouraging her to learn the most from her mother who use to take her to concerts and festivals.

 She mentioned: ‘As a Nima based girl I could not stop watching the hood leaders such as VIP, among others do their thing on the microphone hence the hip-life videos and cd’s my dad used to play when I was a little girl really influenced my kind of music now’.

 The new single is blend of Afro pop music which talks about the love women have for their husbands, fiancée and boyfriends without end plus the single was produced in Netherlands.

 Nira noted as a graduate with a degree in fashion design and marketing, she has learnt enough marketing skills to use in promoting something that she has always wanted to do, that is, singing hence the new single is a stepping stone for greater works to come.

 ‘I am here to stay, want to shout out my Nima boys n girls, I want them to know that now they have a lady from Nima who sings with passion and will not let them down’, Nira stressed.

 In her final words she disclosed there is a video for the first single ‘ I love you boy’ and it will be out soon but the audio is up for download and music lovers should enjoy’.

 From the Diaspora comes another Ghanaian talent in music, Nira, look for the download single on your local web and listen to the talent we have as a country.

 Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/www.nanayaw18.com





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