Despite the slow start, Nestle predicts faster growth later in the year

A large number of women and children attended the event at the Saint Gabriel’s Primary School and were presented with NIDO products.

NestleThere was also a drama which focused on the essence of good nutrition.

Madam Diana Teye, the Consultant to Nestle Ghana NIDO Nutrition Day, said the annual event was also to ensure that mothers became nutritionally aware to make good choices in terms of what they fed their children.

She said the event would be held in 24 schools across the country during the year to promote nutrition for children to ensure that they remained healthy to undertake sound academic exercises.

Madam Benedict Kafari, the Northern Regional School Health Education Programme Co-ordinator, underscored the importance of nutrition in improving mental capabilities of children and encouraged parents to feed their children with healthy and nutritious meals.

Nestle Ghana Limited has, meanwhile, presented GHc 500 as scholarship to a pupil of Saint Gabriel’s Primary School for excelling in a competition held as part of the Nestle Ghana NIDO Nutrition Day event.

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