Caribbean country Jamaica is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are several popular towns in the country and Negril is one of them. Thing that discerns this town from all the other is its elegant small town streak. Every year numerous travelers plan holidays to Negril especially to feel the magnificence of Caribbean. While vacationing in this resort town, you can indulge in variety of activities.

If you are visiting Negril with your kids, you cannot afford to miss on visiting Kool Runnings Water Park. This is one of the most prominent water attractions in the town. It spans over five acres and features jaw-dropping rides and slides. You can also have fun with dry park attractions. There are ten water slides in the park. Other highlights of the park are Captain Mike’s coconut island and delicious food.


Attraction that make this water park an integral part of Negril holiday packages are Mikie Manatee, the Park Mascot and Rio Bueno Lazy River.

Anancy Village is just few steps away from the water park. The village is famous for offering great Jamaican cultural experience. Other attractions of the village are go-karting track and bungee trampoline. If you are fond of nature, your visit to Negril is incomplete without Mayfield Falls. This site is nothing less than a natural paradise. It features 21 natural pools and two beautiful waterfalls. While strolling around, you would come across wide variety of tropical plant and exotic flowers species. If you are interested in exploring rich wildlife of Jamaica, itinerary of Negril holidays must have Mayfield Falls.

Negril is widely known for its eco-touristic pursuits.

One of the best places for ecotourism in the town is Royal Palm Reserve. This lush reserve is located in Negril Great Morass and covers an area of 300 acres. Exuberant flora and fauna keeps wildlife and plant lovers to the reserve. It is home to over 300 species of animals including butterflies, birds, amphibians and reptiles. Plant lovers can explore over 114 plant species. The Royal Palm Reserve is emerging as an important place for experts to study hydrology, ecology and geology.

Bamboo Rafting is one of the most unique attractions in the town and has emerged as an important part of Negril holiday deals. While enjoying bamboo rafting, you can admire the lush surrounding beauty and feel the tranquility and freshness of water. Another popular activity that depicts the adventurous facet of the town is River Tubing.

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