A Non-Governmental Organization, the Orphanages and Needy Smile Foundation (OANSF) has extended benevolence to the doorsteps of the needy and poor in the Ahafo Ano North District.

The Foundation already operating in the Bosomtwe District has added their recent location as the second in the Ashanti Region with realistic hope of opening offices nationwide to offer assistance to those in dare need.

People in Ahafo Ano North who are in dare need of assistance be it financial, educational, and vocational or technical now have a source they can access aid with the presence of the foundation within their reach.

An official inauguration was held on Tuesday, 23rd July 2013 at the district capital, Tepa to outdoor the Orphanages and Needy Smile Foundation to the general public.

Not only that was done as a donation of items such as clothes, food, toiletries among others to the tune of GHC 20,000 were distributed to orphans, widows, widowers, the poor and needy.

It is in the right direction that the Ahafo Ano North district is a beneficiary considering the real fact that the district really has a lot on its hands in terms of caring for the needy and poor.

Speaking at the inauguration, President of the Foundation, Rev. Ross Addae said there is the critical need to assist those people who by no fault of theirs have become vulnerable in the societies.

He mentioned that it is a shared responsibilty to seek for the wellbeing of such people so that they are elevated to a better status to make them able to appreciate life and its offerings.

The man behind the initiative, Rev. Addae was thankful to God for making what he anticipated as a mere dream realized now as a humanitarian initiative aimed at supporting the vulnerables in the society.

He was of the hope that the foundation will live strongly to fulfill its promises of making lives better for the needy to enjoy.

Head Pastor of the Shiloh United Church, Bishop Dr. Richard Addae entreated all those concerned and with the means to prioritize supporting the needy so they realize their hopeful dreams in the society.

Also, he admonished that the assistance provided be utilized for purposes that will impact positively on the minds of the people.

Bishop Addae was of the believe that with God all things are possible and ended that the foundation will go a long way to improve the living standards of the the needy in the Ahafo Ano North District.


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