THE flag bearer of the Progressive People?s Party (PPP), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, has raised the bar of the country?s politics by calling on other competitors for the Chief Executive position in the country to make open statements on corruption. He has also tasked them to declare assets, health status, income tax and source of political funding before election 2012.

HE further promised to eradicate the canker of corruption from the Ghanaian society through the provision of practical leadership that would increase transparency in governance of the country.

?I will ask the Internal Revenue Service to provide me with certified true copies of my income tax returns, permit the Auditor-General to provide me with certified true copies of [my] assets report that I filed as a Minister of State and Member of Parliament, and submit myself to a comprehensive medical examination at a health facility approved by the Ministry of Health?,? he said.

DR. Nduom also tasked the government to introduce constitutional amendments that would end in restoring power to the people. These amendments, he argues, are part of the means to combating corruption in a society tipped by Transparency International as one of the most corrupt countries on the continent.

?SEPARATE the Office of Attorney-General from the Ministry of Justice, Change the Constitution to allow the people to elect all District Assembly Members and District/Municipal/Metropolitan Chief Executives, and abolish the constitutional provision that allows Ministers of State to also serve as Members of Parliament.?

THE conclusion of the PPP?s statement on corruption is that ?so long as NDC or NPP do not make the pledges to amend the constitution and provide full transparency on their presidential candidates it does not matter whether NDC or NPP wins this election. You will get the same result because you will not have incorruptible leadership!? Hence giving the sense that the PPP is the only alternative to fighting the canker that is eating the fabric of Ghana?s society.

THE challenge thrown by the PPP man has raised numerous questions as to whether the PPP is the real choice to combating the 3.9 corruption perception that Transparency International reported in 2011. Are the alternatives offered by Papa Kwesi Nduom the best option to fighting the canker or more can be done to improve upon society?

TODAY is of the opinion that implementing the alternatives offered by the PPP flag bearer is the right means of helping curb the canker. Politicians of his sort, Nana Addo and President John Dramani Mahama would also help raise the bar of political competition in the country should they declare their assets and let people know what they are worth.

THEY should know that declaring their health status would help to stop the fallacy of which political leader is mentally fit for a president or not. It would also help to bring to an end the debate on the importance of making public the health status of public officers.

THUS, with the political will and a visionary leader who has promised to lead by example, Today hopes that the good people of this country will see the best coming to them in terms of eradicating corruption from the country and providing more practical solutions to our problems.

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