The flag bearer of the Progressive People?s Party (PPP), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, has called on Ghanaians to elect to power in December a party with ideas that would transform the country instead of voting according to loyalties to a political party.

According to him, the PPP is the embodiment of the ideas for development of the country as the party has fresh ideas that would transform the country.

?We have the fresh ideas for development, we the PPP would bring on board new ideas that would ensure that the country becomes attractive to tourist from other parts of the globe?,? he said.

Dr. Nduom who was addressing party supporters during the launch of the party?s campaign for the Okaikoi North seat in the Greater Accra region urged the party supporters to broadcast the party?s message of development to every voter.

The fresh ideas for development, he said, includes making education compulsory and not just free,  expanding healthcare, building of new International airport in Kumasi and the construction of a gold refinery to refine the gold produced in the country.

These ideas, he said are geared toward the opening up of the country for investment and the creation of jobs for the teeming unemployed in the country.

He said a PPP government would not just implement a free education from Kindergarten to Senior High School (SHS), but also expand access to all so as to make the country?s compulsory education policy a reality.

?Otumfuo has further agreed to give out land for the construction of a new airport for Kumasi so that travelers in the northern sector of the country would not have to always come to Accra before travelling outside,? he said.

He also assured the ecstatic party support gathered at the Harrow School in New Fadama that the PPP administration would embark upon all-inclusive governance that would tap the right ideas for development.

?Just as our symbol of the bright red sun indicates, we would expand governance and shine for everyone to benefit?you are all stakeholders of our party and therefore never would we look down on any Ghanaian but instead embrace all?,? he added.

This form of inclusiveness, he said would be the guarantee that every region in the country gets its fair share of the national cake; the PPP would build a gold refinery in the Ashanti region and likewise ensure that the Western Region benefits from the oil wealth.

Mining towns in the country, he said should be unvested in to be like Johannesburg of South Africa so that the indigenes would benefit from the resources mined in their communities.

He assured the people a PPP administration would stop foreigners from engaging in the retail trade and small scale mining and help Ghanaians benefit from the sectors.

He was quick to add that the party would do this not because it hates foreigners but would only work in the interest of Ghanaians.

?I am not against the Chinese or Korean, but admire them very well but just as their governments seek the welfare of the citizenry, a PPP administration would also work to seek the welfare of Ghanaians.?

As a means of attracting tourist to the country, the PPP standard bearer promised to evacuate the people of Sodom and Gomorrah in the capital to new locations and develop the location to attract tourists.

Speaker after speaker at the function encouraged the thousands of party supporters that gathered at the location to spread the party?s message of change to everyone and urged them to win more voters for the party.

While the PPP National Chairman, Nii-Allotey Brew-Hammond, urged the party supporters to contribute to public discussions or radio through phone-ins and text messages to tell the PPP story, the National Vice Chairperson and its parliamentary candidate for Mpohor-Wassa in the Western Region, Mary Ankomah Boakye-Boateng, encouraged women to vote for the party as it has displayed through ?the election of a woman vice presidential aspirant that we have the interest of women at heart.?

The party?s parliamentary candidate for Okaikoi North, who was out-doored at the function also promised to translate the PPP?s good policies to the local level and help everyone benefit from them.

?I would introduce community development to committees which would engage all sections of society to understand the problems within the community and help solve them?,? he said.

He further encouraged his constituents to help end the era of wasted votes by electing him to power in the December polls.



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