We are glad this bad media episode is over for Dr. Nduom, former Presidential Candidate for the new party the PPP. all humans in society want change for better living conditions, and it takes leadership to lead and deliver these. Somebody must sacrifice or take the initiative for leadership. It is very wrong and bad precedence for Ghanaians to assume that to support a party or Presidential candidate they must be paid! It is a very rotten culture and cancer in our young democracy that must be rooted out! ?It is fraud! ?The government in power, if they themselves are not guilty, should clamp it down with law enforcement. For honest politics, it should be seen as a sacrifice to seek the high office and should never be a means for others to enrich themselves

Peacefmonline.com can confirm that the Toyota Tundra Truck that was given to Madam Akua Donkor, presidential candidate for the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), has been retrieved.

Speaking in an interview with Okay FM on Friday afteroon, Akua Donkor confirmed that she received a phone call from an aide telling her a group of PPP officials assisted by police officers had stormed her house to tow the Tundra vehicle away.

She told Okay FM that she was informed on phone that a court had ordered that the vehicle be retrieved after serving her with a notice, but to her knowledge she has not received any court notice or summons to release the vehicle.

Madam Akua Donkor lamented that the people had threatened to kill her if they had come to meet her at home.

According to her the car contained some official documents and personal belongings which has also been taken away.

She has appealed to Prez Mahama to intervene in the matter as her life has been threatened which makes her unsafe and uncomfortable in the country.

She added that her decision to witness for Prez Mahama and the NDC in the electoral fraud allegations being peddled by the NPP at the Supreme court was a factor in the case.

The Toyota Tundra has been an issue of contention between Madam Akua Donkor and Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, flagbearer of the Progressive People?s Party (PPP) after the December 7th Presidential and Parliamentary election.

The truck according to the PPP was given to Madam Akua Donkor to aide her in campaigning for the party during the 2012 elections.

However, Madam Akua Donkor claims that the car was given to her as her property in exchange for the votes of her followers after the electoral commission disqualified her to contest the December 7th presidential election.

Source: Rebecca Addo-Tetteh/peacefmonline


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