The presidential candidate of the Progressive People?s Party (PPP), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, is the undisputed winner in politics in Cyberspace. 

When it comes to the personal use of technology, Today can confirm that the PPP presidential candidate has no equal in politics in Ghana.

The paper?s findings established that Dr. Nduom has the most active, popular fanpage on Facebook with about 150,000 fans.

He uses Twitter, YouTube, Skype, Google hangout and other products to reach out and communicate with Ghanaians everywhere.

His weekly video broadcasts on Facebook (www.facebook.om/pknduom) every Friday reaches over 400,000 people.

For over one-and-a-half years, Today further established that Dr. Nduom has engaged in live chats on Facebook with his fans on topics such as education, job creation, corruption, healthcare, etc.

What makes Dr. Nduom unique among politicians on Facebook and other social media networks, the paper understands, is that he does not use surrogates to interact with people as other politicians do.

The PPP flag bearer, Today gathered, interacts with his fans PERSONALLY.  And responses given on his social media platforms come from him directly so there is no filtering, no whitewashing and no censoring.

Dr. Nduom has also met personally with some of his Facebook fans in what has been dubbed ?Facebook fan live meet-ups.?

In an exclusive interview with Today, Dr. Nduom invited everyone with access to the Internet to visit www.facebook.com/pknduom to read and watch what he has put there over this past year.

In addition, Today has published on page12 the questions and answers from Dr. Nduom?s live encounter with his Facebook fans.

According to the PPP presidential candidate, he will soon come out with a new video broadcast every Friday.

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