The leadership of the National Democratic Party (NDP) has advised its supporters and members to ?ignore the propaganda schemes of the NDC and be rest assured that President Rawlings will campaign for the NDP for the December elections.


A press statement issued by the leadership of the party stated that the formation of the NDP was aimed at ?restoring those values he, [Mr. Rawlings] loved and remains steadfast to defend and protect.”

According to NDP, ?The National Democratic Party have observed with deep concern, the use of deliberate screaming headlines by leading members of the National Democratic Congress to deceive the public that Former President Rawlings has endorsed and will campaign for the Mahama led NDC in the upcoming election.

The NDP said, it reserved the right to set the record straight on this deliberate distortions of the fact as it is aimed at weakening the confidence of the hundreds of thousands of our membership who look up to President Rawlings for political direction.

“It is an undeniable fact that when former President Rawlings attended the NDC congress in Kumasi, he stated clearly that the chances of the NDC winning the December elections depends on the ability of President Mahama to cleanse and restore integrity and morality to the party and government something that has not been done. It is also factual that when the Former President Rawlings addressed the Volta Regional House of Chiefs in Ho last week, he was emphatic about booming corruption within the ranks and file of the NDC. “

President Rawlings went further to complain how the limited resources of the State have been hijacked by a few at the top to the detriment of the masses.

“It is the candid view of the NDP that, the question of which party former President Rawlings will campaign for in the December elections is a foregone conclusion as the core values of the NDP and those of President Rawlings are deeply interlinked.”

The statement noted that the formation of the NDP is purposely to nib corruption in the bud, give hope to the abandoned masses at the grassroots and amongst many others, save Ghana from the cliff between the politicians of today and their merchant friends who continue to loot the nation coffers through over pricing of contracts, undertaking of shoddy works that put lives at risk.

“It is also an undeniable fact that the new NDC is guilty of the above tragedies that befall our dear nation and there is absolutely no chance Former President Rawlings will associate himself with the ills he was willing to sacrifice his life to fight from 1979 to date.”

“The leadership of the NDP wish to reassure our numerous supporters and the Ghanaian public to ignore the propaganda schemes of the NDC and rest assured that President Rawlings will campaign for the NDP for the December elections since our formation is geared at restoring those values he loved and remains steadfast to defend and protect.?


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