A leading member of the newly formed National Democratic Party (NDP), Dr. Kwasi Offei Agyemang says President Mills? acclaimed ?Better Ghana Agenda? has failed.?The NDP, an offshoot of the ruling National Democratic Congress was formed yesterday with majority of its emanating from the Rawlings camp.

The new party is viewed by political watchers as another test for the NDC ahead of a major general election.?Dr. Offei-Agyemang who was speaking on Citi FM?s news analysis programme ?Inside Politics? Friday, announced that government?s mantra of a Better Ghana has been dented because it does not have the interest of Ghanaians at heart.

?What we need the most are better Ghanaians who can make a better Ghana. So I have no qualms with his accession that the Better Ghana Agenda has failed because if you don?t have better Ghanaians, it will be impossible to achieve a better Ghana.? he said.

Highlighting a key sector in the economy, Dr. Kwasi Offei Agyemang said,

?Four year ago, I believed that it would be possible for us to have an efficient public transportation system in this country but I we speak, if you are moving from one point of this city to the other, it becomes very difficult because public transportation virtually does not exist.?

Meanwhile Member of Parliament for the Juaboso, Sampson Ahi has launched an appeal to the members of the ruling NDC who have defected to the National Democratic Party, to ditch it. According to him, the protection of the legacy of former President Rawlings for which they intend defecting, is more entrenched in the NDC.

?It has always been formation of new parties from parent political parties. I?m now matured to be able to discern between what good and what is bad. And at this time, I think that, all well meaning NDC people should rally behind Professor Mills for us to get our second term?, Hon. Sampson Ahi noted.

?Let me just appeal to my friends and brothers who are trying to form the political part, they should come. Rawlings has a legacy and I think his legacy is well protected and guided in NDC than in any political party. I don?t think the NDP will survive, I don?t think they will even survive to contest the 2012 election.? the Juaboso MP added.


Source : citifmonline


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