Alhaji Mohammed Frimpong, General Secretary of the National Democratic Party (NDP) has called on members of the Party not to take part in any demonstrations concerning the country’s voters’ register.

He said instead, members should “rush” and make sure they registered when the time was due to enable the Party win massively in the Volta region and other parts of the country.


Alhaji Frimpong was speaking at the Volta Regional Delegates Conference of the Party at Hohoe.
Alhaji Frimpong said there was no justification in the demonstrations, adding that the NDP, fully represented on the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) was interested in preserving the peace of the country and would not partake in any demonstrations.

He said the “actual case” was about the bad nature of the machines, which was confirmed ineffective and inefficient by the suppliers and that no political party refuted accounts of the Electoral Commission on the bad state of the machines neither did any party complain about cost.

Alhaji Frimpong said NDP therefore supported the Electoral Commission in acquiring new Biometric Voter Management System for the compilation of a new voters’ register.


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