The Presidential candidate of the Progressive People?s Party (PPP), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom has challenged all Presidential candidates standing for the December elections to publicly pronounce their stance on providing incorruptible leadership for the people of Ghana.?

According to him, the pronouncements will be crucial for the consolidation of the peace and development of the nation.?

He was addressing a press conference in Accra, where he noted that those who respond to his challenge are serious, those who refuse are the ones playing political games with your future.

He mentioned that one of the critical instruments was for the separation of the office of the Attorney General from the Ministry of Justice. This according to him ?will allow the Attorney General to prosecute cases devoid of partisan politics.?

He further pointed out that, ?The 1992 constitution should be amended to allow Municipal Chief Executives (MCEs) and District Chief Executives (DCEs) to get elected to ensure local level accountability and development,” adding that this will reduce ineffective career politicians and make available the pool of qualified Ghanaian talents which are unused and wasted.

Dr Ndoum also opined that both the NDC and the NPP had refused to make the changes in the past because ?they want to have control at the local level and satisfy their foot soldiers with these positions.?

For him, he will ensure an?incorruptible?government through calling on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide certified true copies of his income tax returns which he would make public, by?Making the Auditor General to make available certified true copies of his assets to the public,?Submit to a comprehensive medical examination and make the report public,??Make my National Treasurer submit all my financial reports and sources of funding for our political campaign and all these will be done as soon as he files his nomination to officially become the Presidential candidate for the PPP ahead of the December elections.

?Ghanaians should reject NDC and NPP and vote for PPP to win because we are not afraid to commit ourselves to a higher principle and the truth about what is killing Ghanaians. To have true peace, we need the truth.?


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