The goal of Igbo World Assembly (IWA) is clear and we have been very consistent in stating that Ndi-Igbo must always stand united at all times. IWA recognizes our strong democratic traditions and principles as Ndiigbo which may at times warrant minor differences in opinion among our people. It is therefore critically important that objective dialogue must be engaged by all through diplomacy to arrive at that universal position which will be supported by all of Ndiigbo.


Through this process truth would emerge to further enable and empower us to speak with one united voice. We as Ndiigbo must seek at all times, expedient ways and means to equitably implement important issues of strategic value and interest to the collective interests of Ndiigbo as a whole. To achieve such strategic interest, peace among all of us Igbos must be a paramount factor of supreme and ultimate significance.

We must pursue universal economic development goals to advance and promote our collective well being and welfare. We as Ndiigbo must find ways to advance peace and unity among all our people at all times regardless of prevailing circumstances. This will enable us as a people to tell our stories and share our unique historical experiences to continue to celebrate and propagate our rich Igbo language, culture and traditions from one generation to the other.

This is IWA?s commitment to Igbo leaders and friends of Ndiigbo who share our vision to attain and perfect a progressive global Igbo Union. It is in that light that IWA wishes to use our platform, to seek program partners, to assemble committed Igbo leaders, and to reflect on how to leverage Igbo Diaspora presence as a new instrument in the struggle against Igbo adversaries.

History will not forgive any individual or groups at this critical time and juncture of Igbo and Nigerian history that is embarking on Igbo disunity or acts of sabotage against the Igbo nation. Ndiigbo should be putting their heads together to consolidate our interest and divine position in the political equation in the corporate Nigeria. Some Igbo persons for their selfish interest or the interest of power play behind the scene are attempting to destabilize Ohanaeze Ndiigbo at this critical time by calling for a new election of new officers for Ohanaeze Ndiigbo. The enemies of the Igbo nation would be happy for any in-fighting amongst Ndiigbo and they want ambers fanned as much as possible. We must resist this selfish motive at this critical juncture for Ndiigbo and their strategic and collective interests in Nigeria.

On this very important matter, IWA executives had a very serious meeting with our revered and astute political Father (The Boy is Good) Chief Mbazulike Amechi few days ago. IWA executives and Chief Mbazulike Amechi exchanged ideas about issues of concern about Ohanaeze Ndiigbo.

The critical discussion resolved as follows:

1. That Ohanaeze elective positions and timeline was officially changed from 2 years to four years through the appropriate bodies starting from Ambassador Uwechue and going forward. IWA participated fully by writing a proposal in that decision making process. IWA stated clearly that 2 years was not enough time frame to execute Ohanaeze agenda by any Ohanaeze elected executives, hence we all settled for 4 years terms and mandate. This is a settled matter.
2. Therefore no new Ohanaeze Ndiigbo election is mandated during the next 2 years resulting from the agreed 4 year-term.
3. Ndiigbo collectively should forge a solid unified position under Ohanaeze Ndiigbo.
4. All issues that concern Ohanaeze Ndiigbo such as audit, updating Ohanaeze constitution etc should be shelved until April 2015, in the meantime work must continue behind the scene to resolve matters arising and other issues internally.
5. Chief Mbazulike Amechi will use his influence and the support of IWA to carry out consultation and reach out to concerned parties particularly the current Ohanaeze executives. IWA wants Chief Mbazulike Amechi to constructively engage the current Ohanaeze executives and assist them in areas where help is needed.
6. Hopefully by April 15, most issues must have been resolved internally
7. IWA demands that all court cases against Ohanaeze Ndiigbo should be withdrawn immediately.

It must be noted that, IWA takes seriously and respects the involvement of Chief Mbazulike Amechi (the only remaining NCNC leader still alive) and we intend to work closely with him from now on, for the unity of Ohanaeze Ndiigbo. It is equally important to note that, IWA fully supports and is fully committed to the success of the current President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo under Chief Gary Enwo-Igariwey and his executives as well as future Ohanaeze Presidents and their executives. IWA appeals to all involved Ohanaeze Ndiigbo Stakeholders to continue to support Chief Gary Enwo-Igariwey because he is Ohanaeze Ndiigbo current leader for the remaining two years of the agreed 4 year term mandates. We should all chip in to help Ohanaeze Ndiigbo in any areas where help is needed and warranted.

Igbo World Assembly (IWA) believes that current Ohanaeze Ndigbo executives have done well for Ndiigbo so far, nevertheless as an organization; it requires continuous structural reviews and modifications to streamline thoughts and strategies for a better fulfillment of the organization?s charter, goals, vision and mission statements. IWA will contribute its quota to achieve this.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo is a strong and unified body for Ndiigbo. There are no factions and there will never be. Ohanaeze has moved on and it will be continuously modernized and strengthened if need be to deal effectively with new issues and challenges ahead. For instance the administration of Chief Gary Enwo Igariwey appointed :
1. Ohanaeze Reparation Committee headed by Chief Mbazulike Amechi. That committee has held meetings with IWA on how the Diaspora Ndiigbo should be involved with the Reparation work and strategies going forward through the Ohanaeze Diaspora Committee Chaired by Dr Nwachukwu Anakwenze. That Committee has brought Ohanaeze Ndiigbo closer to Ndiigbo in Diaspora and new ideas are being injected into the Reparation process and ways and means of achieving such goals.
2. Other Committees created need to follow suit.

Igbo World Assembly (IWA), believes that Ohanaeze Ndiigbo must continue to stay engaged in national politics and take a position on the issue of Presidency of Nigeria for the best interest of all our people. Ndiigbo must not sit by the fence. We must be bold and secure what belongs to us all and for the sake of posterity.

Igbo World Assembly (IWA) is the Apex Global Umbrella Organization that represents the Apex National Igbo Organizations (outside Nigeria) in the various countries of the world including USA, UK, France, Spain, Finland, Netherland, Ireland, India, Ghana, Dubai, Pakistan, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Russia, Australia, Denmark, Japan, Italy, Ukraine, Sweden ,Mali, Austria, Belgium and Canada. The Igbo World Assembly (IWA) works very closely and recognizes Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo as the mouthpiece of Ndi-Igbo World Wide.

Source: ‘enyianam’ via AfricanWorldForum


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