Says the Niger Delta is of great importance to Nigeria, USA and the world. | By Tony Tamuno

The Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Dr. Christian Oboh, on Tuesday, called on the USA to play a more active role in ensuring security in the Niger Delta.

Oboh, who made the call when the U.S. Consul-General, Jeffrey Hawkins, visited him, said the strategic economic importance of the region to Nigeria, the USA and the rest of the world, had made it necessary for stakeholders to ensure that the area was crisis-free.

According to him, the commission needed the collaboration and understanding of other stakeholders like the USA to address the problem of under-development in the region.

Oboh called for collaboration between the USA and Nigeria in funding, capacity-building and youth development, stressing that such gestures should be extended to the commission.

Hawkins, on his part, described the Niger Delta as ?an extremely important part of Nigeria and the source of a great deal of the nation?s wealth, which also harbours majority of USA’s investments?.

?Nigeria and the USA have looked into the troubled areas of the country and have set up a Bi-National Commission to discuss issues of mutual interest. One of such areas is the Niger Delta problem,? he said.

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