Over the past two decades Ghanaians by and large have watched the nation’s political spectrum turn up undressed , overfed , seasoned as well as inexperienced Politicians get to dance floor with no clue as to whether to dance azonto or alkayida.

Former President Rawlings during the said decade or so have watched with frustration and anger in some cases where he deemed it a missed opportunity for the NDC to have stepped up to the Anti-Corruption plate, by prosecuting wrong doers, and setting the precedence that could deter other politicians from looting the national coffers. This has however landed on deaf ears, because many folks within the Ghanaian media have also contributed in dramatising and thereby reducing the significance of his concerns and outcry.

Today, many Ghanaians are again wondering what the hell is happening on the political Arena and more so to the NDC party (minority party in parliament).

Well, here are some answers, first of all we all know the NDC founder has and holds great passion for country like no other leader has shown in recent times, so his outbursts to some extent can be well understood, but when you look closely you could also conclude that this time around ex President Rawlings is perhaps protecting none other but himself from the supposed wrath of Nana Akuffo Addo . The NPP government not so long ago(while in opposition) were rooting for investigating the Rawlings’s should Nana Akuffo Addo become president , but behind the scenes whatever happened happened to position the NPP government less interested in that quest , leaving many NPP supporters to wonder what went wrong ! good news Rawlings but bad news for the Party he founded , because what we now see the Founder embarking on a destruction path for the party he founded ., leaving many to wonder if Rawlings truly loves his daughter Zenator Rawlings . The jury is out on this one so Alhaji n Alhaji and his goons can debate that.

NDC gurus and sympathiser alike are scrambling their heads about the above just as they are about Martin Amidu, who clearly seems to have a score to settle for not being picked/chosen for the Vice Presidency position in the 2012 elections. His disappointment cut so deep that picking up his citizen vigilante hat, was a consolation which also won him admiration from the Elephant party (NPP). The NDC leadership seem to be lacking the skill sets necessary to activate damage control measures to weather these types of storms , and how it affects the grassroots. Many disappointed members of the NDC party would like to see a more decisive leadership , one which is able to heal wounds rather than inflict more wounds , and such a healer would be the one can could see and take the party to a victorious 2020. Should Martin Amidu’s relevance continue to minimise within the party, then Ghanaians would see more furious coming from the citizen vigilante, not that it matters anymore but rather just becomes his medical dosage to his wounds.

The NDC party, has a great opportunity here, to turn this situation into a unity bus that becomes an effective minority able to render NPP ineffective at the polls come 2020. Granted, the right to express , allow me to say the current agenda JM2020 is a misplaced priority that cuts the party deeper and deeper , making our case to the Ghanaian people less and less relevant because we are not able to highlight the lies and deceit that the NPP government with its corrupt posture is meting onto the Ghanaian people.

Ghanaians want to see leadership that stands up for their plight and challenges qua jobs /security /healthcare / Cost of living controlled so everyone can afford a decent meal etc etc Let’s Start to work for Ghana and stop the nose picking .

EYER ZU EYER ZA!! Long live Ghana and long live the will of the people of Ghana .

A Dodoo
NDC Holland Member