The New Patriotic Party wants no part in the seeming troubles in the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), according to the Deputy General Secretary of the NPP, Nana Obiri Boahen.

The NDC could be dissolved today and the NPP would not blink an eyelid, he said on Eyewitness News, adding that the NPP was also not bothered by the prospect of a weak opposition.

The NPP rode its way to election victory on the back of promises to revive the economy and solve unemployment, and Mr. Obiri Boahen said the NPP was only concerned with living up to the expectations of Ghanaians.

“We are not particular about what is happening in the NDC. We are focused. Ghanaians voted for us to deliver. We must make sure we take Ghanaians to the Promised Land. This is what is at stake now. So in the NDC, if they have internal wrangling, if there are divisions, they are insulting themselves, they are vilifying themselves, as a political party, the NPP is not bothered at all.”

The irony was not lost on Mr. Boahen given that the NDC, during its 2016 election campaign, constantly described the NPP as a party plagued with in-fighting and intolerance.

But following the party’s election defeat, prominent members of the NDC have been playing the blame game and pointing accusing fingers at each other, which have even escalated to fisticuffs in some cases.

“They were very particular about fermenting trouble in the NPP” Mr. Obiri Boahen said of the NDC, but assured that the NPP remained focused on fulfilling its mandate.

“If they decide to dissolve their party today, that is not our business. If they decide to come together as a united party, that is not our business. Our core mandate is to deliver and that is what we are praying for,” he stated.

By: Delali Adogla-Bessa/