Jerry John Rawlings and wife, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings

Jerry John Rawlings and wife, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings

The other day, I was day-dreaming in which an odd funny vision surreptitiously took control of my mind.  In it, I saw a mix of old and youthful students in a classroom, each one loudly responding: ?Present ? Sir? when their names were called from a military register.

So I heard the words ?President Flight Lt. Dr. Dr. J. J. Rawlings???? (response)???Present Sir?

v ?President Madam Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings???? (response) ?Present Sir?

v ?President Dr. Obaa-Yaa Identification-Haircut ? Originator Rawlings?? (response)?.. ? Present Sir?

v ?President Young-man Like-father Dr. Kofi Rawlings??? (response)??.?Present Sir?.  And all shouted: ?God bless this ?Constitutionally Ordained, Militarily ?blessed Dynasty known as COMD.  God bless it.  Amen?

And they shouted: ?we of this dynasty, we go sit on the Presidential throne for ever and ever.  Amen?.  And only a little part of the classroom loudly howled : ?Amen? in response, with most of the students keeping mute, whilst a good part of the silent ones were showing annoyance.  Suddenly, I came to myself from my reverie, and wondered what it was, until the recent news that Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings is going to challenge President Prof. Mills for the flagbearship!

When this news broke out about two weeks ago, many people showed surprise or became stupefied about it; but not at all was I.  Really, I was expecting it, but not at this odd hour when that same Nana Konadu?s party President, Fiifi Atta Mills, is ruling Ghana with some wholeheartedness, scoring points in the matter of finance, economic management, agriculture, housing, soccer (Ghana is among Africa?s six best in the World Cup, as it happened in ex-President Kufour?s reign) etc.  In fact, I was expecting to hear this piece of news in the latter part of next year, when NDC?s flagbearship candidature will be an interesting preoccupation in the rank and file of that party.  Even though Nana Konadu has not frankly announced her candidature in the flagbeareship race which is opened to any qualified NDC personnel, the serious agitation of some NDC elements at Tamale who held ?Konadu-for-President? placards when she arrived at their rally and the open announcement of one Herbert Mensah who describes himself as a close pal of Rawlings and who seemingly confirms the flagbearership intention of Nana Konadu ? all appear to give credence to that piece of news.


This ignited some ridiculous speculations about President Atta Mills?s supposed non-intention to stand for the NDC flagbearership because of ill-health or disgust over Rawlings?s constant criticisms of this current President.  But all these have turned out to be untrue rumours, with President Atta Mills?s recent announcement that he will continue to stand as NDC candidate for 2012 Presidential elections.  This implies that he still retains his candidature on the NDC flagbearership platform.  This being so, Atta Mills needs not be challenged by any NDC personality who wants to be a flagbearer, because it has become a convention in both NDC and NPP that when there is an incumbent President, his party needs not call for candidates to contest him as alternative flagbearers.

When Ex-President J. J. Rawlings?s first tenure of office ended in 1994, there was no contestant for the position of flagbearer.  The NDC considered it expedient and ethical to allow him to continue as the party?s chosen Presidential candidate for a second term of office.  Ex-President Kufour was treated similarly by the NPP to continue to stand as an automatic flagbearer, even though his previous rival Nana Akufo Addo could have been made to challenge him for that same position.  True to his humility and his ready acquiescence to ethical norms in that party, Nana Akufo Addo never took a step to challenge President Kufour for the flagbearship position.  And no NPP grouping agitated either secretly or openly with placards to urge Nana Akufo Addo to seek the flagbearership rank, when they knew that the then President Kufour would like to continue in office to complete his programmed assignments or to achieve his envisaged objectives.

Thus the groundwork for the party?s political morality or ethics on elections has been solidly established by the NPP, in the same way as was staunchly laid down by the NDC in previous years.

Under the circumstance, it will be highly unethical, unrefined and ridiculous (bordering on political rusticity of a 17th century fledgelling party) for either political party to allow well-acclaimed political ethics to be trampled upon by some self-seekers for their own expediency or convenience.  By the agitation of some NDC elements at Tamale for Nana Konadu?s Presidency there appears to be a calculated effort to break this excellent ethics on flagbearership which also obtains in the advanced countries of Britain and the United States?political parties.

It is most unfortunate that Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has, at the time of my writing this piece, not issued a statement disclaiming such flagbearership intention, which possibly means she endorses it wholeheartedly.  If this is so, that will be a most tendentious political move which the Rawlingses have embarked upon for their self-indulgence and self-glorification.  That amounts to political greed that is most sickening, disgusting and damnable before the eyes of our modern-day civilised society.

Wasn?t it this same J. J. Rawlings who chose Professor Atta Mills as the ?most excellent personality to succeed me as President of Ghana? ? a statement which was made at Agona Swedru in 1999, and that was known as ?The Swedru Declaration??

If ex-President Rawlings uttered this declaration about Professer Atta-Mills, (who deservedly clamoured for the Presidential position, and by God?s grace, won it during his third attempt), why is it that in his first term of office, President Mills should be exposed to some contrived flagbearership challenges of the Rawlingses?  Of course, if the allegation that Nana Konadu is going to proffer an electoral challenge to President Mills is true, then husband Rawlings knows of it and has sanctioned it, which is a pitiable about-turn of his Swedru Declaration, and which is a breach of the laudable ethical norms which have been established in the NDC!  And this could be definitely SHAMEFUL!  If the news is not true, why can?t Nana Konadu issue a statement denying it? I challenge her to deny it now!

Again, if this piece of news is true, that Nana Konadu is going to present herself to challenge President Mills for the position of a flagbearer, that will amount to a breach of faith in him (Mills).  And this will be tantamount to showing disdain for what the CPPists in the NDC have been doing to uplift the image of that party.  In this case, it will be very very expedient for President Mills to immediately resign as an NDC member and as a President, some days before the flagbearership election, so that Nana Konadu can be the NDC flagbearer in response to the wishes and intentions of the Rawlingses.   Before then, some previous clandestine arrangements should have been made for Mills to go back to his ?natural? party, the CPP, so to electorally lead it to victory.  Then all the CPPists in the NDC will have to go back to the CPP where true Nkrumaist issues of Ghana?s development and Pan-Africanism or African Union can be tackled effectively without any anger or envy from anywhere, and in an atmosphere of mutual respect and love and selflessness.

Having critically analysed the political disposition of the Rawlingses, I have the utter belief that current assertions and practices of Nkrumaism and Pan ? Africanism in Ghana don?t go well with them, and they definitely won?t love any NDC high personalities who cherish and preach and flaunt or demonstrate them, instead of concerning themselves with the so-called June-4 and 31st ? December fancies.  The Rawlingses see Atta Mills as a true Nkrumaist who doesn?t countenance June-4 and 31-December theories of vandalism and self-glorifying dictatorship, hence his reign must be truncated through the offer of negative challenges such as constant Rawlingsian criticisms of Atta Mills?s sound polices, and eventually through positing of Nana Konadu against Prof. Mills for the flagbearership. Even though Atta Mills will win the flagbearership contest, there is a reason to believe that the Rawlingses will contrive to make him lose.  Don?t say : how?  It is a possibility.

In point of truth, all the frequent criticisms, howled by Rawlings against Atta Mills have been geared to throw dirt on the style of the latter?s governance, in order to pave way for Nana Konadu?s reign.  Anyone who has an inkling of Political Psychology in him can definitely vouch for this conclusion.  The thinking of the Rawlingses is that Ghana must be ruled by them by hook or crook; that is why Nana Konadu recently trotted to grasp the vice ? chairmanship position of the NDC in order to push her into the limelight by which she can easily grasp the flagbearership position, according to their plans.

Their belief is that the NDC under Atta Mills is becoming too much Nkrumaist, and Rawlings says he is not an Nkrumaist.  For this reason, there must be a dynastic rule of the Rawlingses ? from father to wife to daughter to son: people who can uphold and preach the tenets of June-4 and 31st December, but not Nkrumaism.  That is why the CPPists in the NDC are advised to go back to join their old CPP where they can be free to help the growth of the utilitarian, world-acclaimed Nkrumaism and Pan-Africanism.  If truly Nana Konadu will stand as flagbearer candidate for the sake of achieving the dynastic objectives of the Rawlingses, I will advise that President Atta Mills should consider resigning to re-join the CPP.  And the CPP should readily accept and hail him and make him their flagbearer, in order to destroy the envisaged dynasty of the Rawlingses.


It?s up to us Africans to rise up in prayers for the victorious wins of our five remaining continental teams.  Nigeria has sadly been kicked out, and the chances of South Africa remaining are in doubt.  Let?s pray for our African teams.  Today, as our dear Black Stars meet Australia, fervent prayers will be needed so we can chalk victory.  God bless the Black Stars.  Forward Ever!                                                            

 By Apostle Kwamena Ahinful


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