Nii Armah Ashietey, Greater Accra Rgional Minister

NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC Congress (NDC) youth in the Osu Clottey constituency have expressed disgust at the removal of Greater Accra Regional Minister Nii Armah Ashietey from office saying it would affect the fortunes of the party.

They smell a rat in the matter in a statement they issued on the subject.

“We know the people who have been behind his removal. The NDC is not like the NPP so it’s unfortunate that some people have been allowed to be influenced by money. Though it is true that these financiers of the party play an important role, they should recognize that it takes more than money to win an election,” they stated.

Describing the removal as disappointing they noted “it was ill-timed, miscalculated and will have a negative impact on the fortunes of the party.”

 The threat of apathy and skirt and blouse voting in the Greater Accra region they pointed out is now imminent.

The youth particularly noted that the letter relieving Mr. Ashietey of his position was dated March 6 at a time when the then minister was seated at the high table with the President during the nation’s 55th Independence Day celebration.

“A day which was meant to be a joyous day became a sad one and we question the motive for his removal on a public holiday,” they stated adding “we believe this singular action has the capability of causing the defeat of the NDC in the Greater Accra region. What rationale is there behind the removal of the chairman of the Greater Accra Security Council nine months to a general election especially bearing in mind that the 2008 election was won with just over 40,000 votes?”

Nii Armah Ashietey has performed better than any other Greater Accra regional minister in the fourth republic considering the myriad problems in the region, the NDC youth said.

They noted that he handled the Ga Mashie chieftaincy challenge in a manner which ensured peace in the region.

Any degeneration of this could have brought governance to a standstill since Accra is the seat of government, they posited.

“We are therefore pleading with the President to see reason and rescind the decision or elevate the regional minister to a cabinet minister to forestall the disaffection that has already begun with some even threatening to boycott the elections all together,” the group said.

By A.R. Gomda

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