The London Metropolitan Police rejected an application to demonstrate at Westminster by Ghana ‘s opposition party the NDC on the grounds that the individual who applied for the permit one Freddy Al who claimed to be the party’s youth organiser was a registered sex offender.

The  source  who is a member of the NDC UK but  did not want to be identified also said the police told them that  terrorist attacks that took place in Westminister and London Bridge meant the  security levels were critical as such they could not allow any public gatherings that could be exploited by terrorists .

The source also said that they were shocked to find from the police that one other reason the application was denied was that one  Mr Freddy Al their youth organiser who was planning to lead the demo and applied for the permit , was a registered sex offender who was supposed to be reporting to Brixton police station monthly but had not even done so for 5 months! This he said had caused anger and revulsion among the executives!                    The NDC UK the source said will be holding an emergency meeting on Sunday to discuss this revelation.

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