Charlotte Osei - Ghana's Electoral Commissioner (EC)
Charlotte Osei - Ghana's Electoral Commissioner (EC)

Article 45 and 46 of our constitution is clear about the roles and responsibilities of the EC.
We are therefore shocked that some individuals and political parties are trying to dictate to the EC.

Charlotte Osei - Ghana's Electoral Commissioner (EC)
Charlotte Osei – Ghana’s Electoral Commissioner (EC)
This is not only in bridge of our constitution, but also an attempt to undermine the very institution we need to strengthen.
We believe that efforts taken by the EC to solve this problem so far is commendable. Ghanaians should appreciate their efforts and support them rather than making statements that contradict the laws of the land. Citizens of our dear nation, opinion leaders, civil societies and political parties have been given the opportunity to present their case and deliberate on it.

The NDC UK & Ireland Chapter wish to advise all Ghanaians, especially political parties to desist from taking entrenched positions and allow the EC, the constitutionally mandated body to deal with this issue and find amicable solution to this impasse.
It is in the interest of peace and tranquility that all unnecessary gatherings, debates, demonstrations and agitations seize while the EC is dealing with the issue to enable them carry out their duties as enshrined in the constitution without fear or favour.

Michael Frempong
NDC UK & Ireland Chapter
October 31st, 2015.


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