Mark Woyongo
Mark Woyongo

, the Upper East Regional Minister is confident voters in the three northern regions will renew the mandate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), come the December election, in view of the development brought about in the area by the NDC since 2009.

Mark Woyongo was speaking in Wa, the Upper West Regional capital when he came on a short visit
The East Regional minister mentioned the extension of electricity to all nooks and cranny of the three northern regions, massive improvement of the supply of portable water, construction of road networks and the creation of the University for Development Studies as developments in the minds of the people of the three northern regions and argued that “The Northerner will never never forget these developments in his or her life time”.
He said the promise of the Northern Development Fund by the NPP cannot be taken too serious since that promise has been long overdue with practically nothing coming out of it.
Comparing the Northern Development Fund with the creation of the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority, Mr Woyongo said the NDC has shown real commitment towards the development of the North by bringing into being, the SADA project which has now in place a Chief Executive Officer with supporting staff with an initial commitment of one hundred and thirty million Ghana cedis, thirty million Ghana cedis for administrative running and hundred million Ghana cedis for the running of SADA programs. He said the government will in the near future be committing another hundred million Ghana cedis to the SADA project.
He condemned the idea that the government is in arrears of its commitment to SADA and hinted that it is rather good news to learn that the government has secured another eighteen million dollars for the creation of the millennium Village to be sited at Kpasinkpe and the southern Bulsa district.
He said SADA is collaborating with VRA and other stakeholders to construct a dam across the White Volta which is a project of about three and fifty million dollars with a capacity to irrigate one hundred and fifty thousand acres of land. He said SADA is also bringing development in the Sisili area with another dam to be constructed to generate electricity and for other irrigation purposes and said there is no government in the country that has shown commitment to the north more than the NDC.
Touching on his home region, Mr Mark Woyongo said since 2009 the Upper East Region alone has been given over three hundred projects covering all spheres of life. He mentioned the educational sector in the region as the single largest beneficiary of development projects and noted that the health sector has also been touched by such development projects.
Other areas he observed, include road infrastructure and said what the NDC has done within the last three years in the country no government can come anywhere near the performance of the current administration.
On the recent selection of Dr Mahmoud Bawumia as the running mate of the New Patriotic Party, Mr Woyongo said it will never change the electoral fortunes of the opposition NPP since Dr Bawumia can best be described as ‘an old wine in a new bottle’.
Mr Woyongo said given the performance of the NDC as a party in government for the past three years, the selection of Bawumia would not change anything on the ground especially when it comes to the voting patterns of the three northern regions and the country as a whole and that the NDC as the ruling government is winning the 2012 general elections with cheeky ease.
He said there is nothing to worry about the selection of Bawumia and said the NDC as a party has several Bawumias in its fold citing the direct brother of Dr Bawumia as the Ghanaian Ambassador to Burkina Faso and Dr Mahmoud Bawumia’s biological mother as strong NDC supporters and wondered whether Dr Mahmoud Bawumia can make an impact in the impending general elections slated for this year.
He said much as the NPP might see Dr Bawumia as a bridge between the north and the rest of the country, the NDC will never regard him as such.

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