The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Flagbearer, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo has launched his 2012 campaign, promisimg massive transformation under his leadership when he is voted as president of the Republic of Ghana.

The entusiasm with which the people of Ghana, both NPP suporters and supporters of other political parties, celebrated the NPP leader is a clear indication that the people of Ghana are much ready, this time round, for a change.

At that mamoth rally at Mantse Agbona in Accra on Saturday, Nana Akufo-Addo has outlined plans for the creation of jobs for the people of Ghana, stressing that the era where the people of Ghana live from hand-to-mouth will be broken and be a thing of the past under his administration.

According to Nana Akufo-Addo, the victory that they seek is not to enrich themselves, but to take good governance to the people, adding that, ?the victory that wee seek is not to punish or vilify our political opponents, but to allow for a free participation in the growth of our economy.?

He indicated that the people of Ghana are looking up to the NPP to rescue them f rom the hands of the NDC, stressing that the NPP can do it with the support of the people.

According to the NPP flagbearer, the party wwhen voted into office will end all the bad policies of the NDC government that collapsed the private sector, collapsed the NHIS and increased unemployment.

Nana Addo explained that the NDC?s much-touted economic growth has not translated into jobs and incomes for the people beyond government?s propaganda of creating 1.7 million ghost jobs.

He noted that the current size of Ghana?s economy cannot create the necessary numbers of high-paying jobs that will enhance the living standards of Ghanaians, just because the NDC government has failed to pay critical attention to enghancing the living standards of the people.

?Make a deliberate effort to transform Ghana?s raw material-exporting economy to a new economy that can deliver prosperity for our people. We will encourage importers and Ghanaians abroad to shift from bringing in finished products to bringing in the know-how, tools and capital inputs that will enable us produce finished goods right here in Ghana. The long-term solution for the stability of our cedi is industrialisation,? Nana Addo said.

He also mentioned that he will pay critical attention to the private sector in making sure that theer is abundant job opportunities available.

?Local and indigenous Ghanaian businesses were not left out of the NPP flagbearer?s plans, as he pledged a much greater attention to Ghanaian businesses to enable them expand and create jobs for Ghanaian young men and women.?

Nana Akufo Addo also highlite his readiness to implement his free SHS policy, taking a swipe at others who scorn his idea, indicating that, no government can transform the economy and the country without transforming the knowledge and skills of its people, hence, developing the knowledge base of the people of Ghana will be a top priority on his development agenda.

?Every child, rich or poor, able-bodied or disabled, deserves a good education.?

He indicated that everything is possible and that as a nation ?we can actually achieve what we put our minds and hearts on.?

Earlier in the day, Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP launched the party?s 2012 Campaign Manifesto at the Accra International Conference Centre in Accra.

Highlighting issues contained in the NPP Manifesto, The Nana Addo administration however promised to revampt the road sector, as he will continue form where former president Kufuor left. According to the party, the NDCgovernment?s mismanagement of the economy and its lackadaisical attitute towards putting effective structures in place towards development resulted in about 40% funding gap in the road sector. According to the NPP, Nana Ado?s administration will ensure effective road system for rapid economic growth.

On Railways, the party is enthused to expand the rail sector by entering into partnership with the Private sector, stressing that the NDC government has done very little in the rail sector leaving the rail networks just as they were constructed by the Colonial government decades ago. Nana Akufo has also promised a modernised rail system.

The party also averred that the feasible plans former President Kufuor had for Ghana were all shattered by the NDC, leaving dorman the needed 5000 Megawatts power generating capacity in the Aviation sector, 400 Megawatts hydro electric project, and the abandoning of newly hydro electric projects.

On petroleum, the NPP pledged that its government will strengthened the GNPC, TOR to focus on their mandate. According to the party, the NDC government mismanaged the system to the extent that GNPC had to issue all bonbds resulting in the stagerring development in areas and losing $2.3 billion as result of a breach of policy.

They also highlited the fact that Ghan?s petroleum resources will be utilized to the benefit of the people, and that the NPP gover nment will carry out massive training of Ghanaians in the opil and gas industry so as to create more job opportunities.

The party also stressed that, it is committed to consolidation the country?s dwindling democracy. This they are ready to do by fighting illicit drug trade, ensuring security, streghtening the Ghana Armed Forces, building their capacity to fight and defend the countries teriotrial barriers, building a robust anti-narcottic laws? and sanctions.

The NPP has also taken a swipe at the ruling NDC for poorly managing the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) stressing that, there is the need for capable hands to take charge of the programmes to ensure effective running to kill the huge unemployment situation.

People who thronged the rally ground, were much enthused at the declaration made by Nana Addo as far as education is concern, with many people whom this paper caught up with saying that, it is possible to introduce and implement free compulsory Secondary education in the country so as to arrest cases of poor children being left behind by the curent government.




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