President John Mahama
President John Mahama

The Coalition To Elect Nana And Bawumia (CENAB-UK) have rubbished the press conference organized by the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) on the Nayele Ametefe?s cocaine case, saying it was nothing more than a party running from the ghosts of its evil deeds.

President John Mahama
President John Mahama

CENAB UK, an advocacy group supporting the ticket of Nana Addo and Dr Bawumia to lead Ghana, says it is sickened by the wanton display of arrogance and ignorance by the NDC general secretary who anchored their press conference and the elementary nature of the desperate arguments he used to distance his party from the scandal and seeking with impunity to implicate the NPP.

In a press statement, CENAB UK indicates that it feels incensed by the clear attempt of the NDC to weave a jigsaw of lies and propaganda which clearly does not in any way fit into the whole puzzle of the Nayelegate.

“The fact that NDC in their dream minds dared to implicate the flagbearer of the NPP and his running mate in connection with this scandal is an affront to our Ghanaian decorum, moral ethos and an abuse of freedom of speech.
The facts of the case are so clear that it will only take the dazed minds of NDC logic to deny it and try to pull wool over our eyes.First of all the Nayelegate would not have been possible if the NDC government operatives had not facilitated her use of the VVIP lounge at the Kotoka International Airport.”

“….. According to the records gathered by the Crown Prosecution Service in UK, the last two phone calls made on the confiscated phone of Nayele were to one Dr Stephen Opuni, who we know as the former Director of the Food and Drugs Board, one before embarkation at Kotoka and the other after disembarkation at Heathrow.”

It also says the NDC government did not only provide her the access to the purest of cocaine from the laboratories of the Food and Drugs Agency (NACOB) but also facilitated Nayele’s access through the VVIP.

It says, President John Mahama has also by his action of dissolving the Food and Drugs Board confirmed the complicity of the board in this drug trafficking and that the lies by NACOB about collaboration with their UK counterparts and which was exposed by the British High Commission was also another attestation of the cover-up by the government.

CENAB UK is daring the John Mahama?s government to institute a commission of enquiry into the whole Nayelegate saga.

According to CENA-UK, in April 2006 when the menace of cocaine threatened the country’s democracy and unity, the then government of NPP took the bull by the horn and set up the Georgina Wood Committee which was able to investigate the saga of the missing 77 parcels of cocaine from MV Benjamin and was able to bring a number of culprits to trial, thus bringing a closure to the matter.

“We have arrived at a similar situation which borders on national security where some government officials presumably have aided a single lady to smuggle 12.5kilograms of pure cocaine with a street value of ?1.4million into UK, thus bringing the whole of the nation and its government into disrepute. It is therefore imperative that the government brings a closure to the matter by setting up a committee similar to the 2006 Georgina Wood Committee to investigate the Nayelegate.”

It also called on Asiedu Nketiah and his NDC to join all in the call for this inquiry and “stop this infantile blame game which they are involved in. After all it is incontrovertible from the number of spin off trials from the Nayelegate that what we know of it so far is just a tip of the iceberg,” the statement said.



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