In fact, l tried very hard not to comment on the onging discussions about the US and Ghana military deal but hard as l try, the more the NDC and their paid up political party allies provoke my thoughts. In this sense, l will speak my mind.

Most of the time, l get baffled by the actions of the NDC who are persistently suffering from mouth diarrhoea and confused mental metabolism. It is as if they have a problem with their medulla Oblongata. This clouds their judgement and makes them have impairment in their thinking capacity.

Just listen to Asiedu Nketia, ” When we allow the Americans to come here, they will take our wives and ladies and we can’t do anything to them”. Listen to Mahama Ayariga “l have brought out a check of 20 million dollars, if this is what Nana Akuffo Addo wants” . Ironically, all these top Opposition leaders have their wives and children in the United States of America. Won’t the terrorists attack America. There have been many derogatory remarks that have come from the opposition parties. And surprisingly, they want Ghanaians to believe them.

Why are the NDC so much opposed to this deal?. This is simple. The reason is because the Americans will unearth their diabolical plans of the NDC to distabilize the state and cause a state of insecurity. If nothing at all, the pronouncements of Koku Anyidoho speak volumes.

The President hit the nail right on the head. The nay sayers and hupocrites are nobody but the NDC. The NDC dont have anything good for the country. The NDC is throwing dust into our eyes. It was the NDC that entered into this agreement first in 1998 under President JJ Rawllings. This agreement was done in secrecy. Again, in 2015 this agreement was entered once more under President Mahama. Again, it was shrouded in secrecy.

In 2018, the NPP, under the leadership of Mr. President, Nana Akuffo Addo has again entered into similar or the same agreement with no other nation but this same Americans and the NDC are running agog. Significantly, the President sent this agreement to Parliament and the NDC are angry.

The NDC again, after being satisfied with the President’s address and instead of admitting, their flaws, they are now looking for escape roots to demean the excellent speech by the President by saying, the President was angry.

Serious, issues demand serious approach and therefore the President was serious in his delivery and and nothing else. I have monitored most of the media houses in the country about the responses after the President’s speech and l can confidently conclude that more than 80% of the Ghanaians are satisfied.

The NDC and the other political parties should admit their flaws and apologize to the good people of Ghana and Mr. President.

I know they will never feel remorse but continue with their intransigence.

Mr. President, we are solidly behind you and your government. Please continue the good works.

Thank you.

*Dr. APC’s Desk*


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