The Youth League of the Convention People’s Party have expressed their outrage at the diabolical and deliberate attempts by successive NDC and NPP regimes, to slowly kill off the public sector by starving it of the necessary resources, making it unattractive and eventually selling it to themselves and their cronies.


The Youth League says this plan was first thought up and practised under Mr. Rawlings? PNDC administration.He sold State-owned Enterprises such as GIHOC Distilleries, Nsawam Cannery among others, to his wife and his cronies under the Divestiture Implementation Programme.

Instead of stemming the tide, President Kufour continued the hemorrhage of resources away from the public sector. The CPP Youth League says what appalled them most was when former President Kufour declared that the “Private sector is the engine of the economy? and went ahead to sell Drill ships that were meant to discover oil for Ghanaians.

The CPP Youth League also asserts that the initiative to award STX Korea the contract for the affordable housing project instead of the State Housing Corporation goes to confirm the deliberate ploy of the NDC government under President Mills to kill off State institutions and the public sector.

They added that the most devastating part of it all was when Kufour?s NPP administration decided to sell our national telecommunications company to foreigners; a reckless act that has turned out to be a huge security risk to the government and people of Ghana, making us all vulnerable to the whims and caprices of those who now own it. The CPP Youth League consider the sale of Ghana Telecom, a thoroughly unwise decision, as our daily conversations and privacy are now exposed to the eyes and ears of foreigners to do as they will with it.

According to the CPP Youth League, unfortunately, the current government led by President Mahama, is also hatching and implementing the same diabolic plans to completely kill and bury the public sector.

A unique manifestation of their diabolic plans is the recent sale of Merchant Bank to their cronies, an unnecessary and bad move on the part of the NDC government.The decision to privatize the Electricity Company of Ghana is another example of their deliberate plans to make Ghanaians suffer by collapsing the public sector. Annihilating the public sector, as in the case of the sale of Ghana Telecom also shows how little the P/NDC and NPP administrations think through the process of privatisation and the implications for national security, employment, service delivery, and Ghana?s sovereignty.

Government institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that was set ablaze, findings from the Judgement Debt Commission, the disappearance of some Metro Mass buses, irregularities in the public pay roll system are all deliberate moves to cause disaffection for the public sector and lead to the privatisation of more State owned Institutions and Enterprises.

The CPP Youth League wants to state emphatically that thesale of State owned Enterprises and the deliberate deprivation of contracts and resources to these institutions have led to increasingly high rates of unemployment of graduates and others in this country;and the root cause ofunfettered monopoly, nepotism, cronyism, and corruption in Ghana today.

Capitation grants are not going to the school, teaching and materials are not being sent to the schools and the school feeding program is gradually dying of as the catterians are either feeding the children malnourished foods or are not feeding them at all, an attempt the youth league says it’s a ploy to make public schools unattractive in order to promote private schools especially those who are allies of the government.

The CPP Youth League is therefore calling on the NDC government toensure with immediate effect, that all State assets are listed and registered with the State Insurance Company; and to come up with plans and initiatives to establish more State owned institutions and Enterprises to employ the youth.

The YouthLeague is also querying very loudly, how the supposed failure by a whole nation to run State owned Enterprises and Institutions can be rectified by individuals.

The CPP Youth League therefore calls on thepresent NDC government to refrain from these diabolical intentions to deepen the woes of the public sector, or face fierce resistance from them and othercitizens. They are also calling onthose inboth past and present governments who acquired State lands and property by dubious means to be morally upright, and surrender them to the State


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