752431847_33005Controversial afro-pop artiste Wanlov Kubolor has professed that Ghanaian politicians, in?cluding the President, are thinking about their individual benefit and not the nation.

He said the NPP and the NDC, the two?main?political parties, are busily playing?table tennis?with the people of Ghana.

Speaking?on Radio Universe in?Accra, the?award winning?Afro-pop mu?sician said things seem not to be getting better because politicians are doing nothing to improve the living conditions of the ordinary Ghanaian who votes for them.

“Since I came to Ghana in 1981, this is the worst I have ever seen Ghana, the worst; with the lightbills, the petrol in?crease, with this cedi depreciation, the worst. They have to be very careful be?cause the armed robbers are becoming bold.

“I have never voted in this country before because I believe they are play?ing table?tennis?with us. A group of peo?ple representing the elephant will come and chop money and another?group of peoplesitting under the umbrella will also come and cop money,” Wanlov said.

He said, “They are really messing up the country; the people in?control?are “messing things up”.

Wanlov Kubolor recently took the President of Nigeria on for passing an anti-gay law, calling on President Good- luck Jonathan to rescind his?decision.



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