The National Democratic Congress (NDC) was leading in the Klottey Korle Constituency of the Osu Clottey (rpt) Osu Clottey District of the Greater Accra Region.

Provisional results at Mantra polling station, NDC had 328 votes for the presidential, NPP had 171 votes, CPP had one, while PPP, UFP, PNC, GCPP and Independent Candidate each had zero.

There were seven rejected ballot papers.

NDC?s Parliamentary Candidate polled 310, NPP polled 177, PPP had two, CPP had three, NDP, five , the two independent candidates polled four and two respectively.

The Parliamentary election there also recorded three rejected ballot papers.

At the Church of Pentecost (Osu Alata) polling station, NDC polled 419 votes against NPP?s 175 votes in the Presidential Elections. PPP polled five, while UFP, CPP, PNC and Independent candidate had zero respectively.

Six ballot papers were rejected,

The NDC also won the parliamentary votes at that center with a total votes of 371 against NPP?s 179 votes, followed by the Independent candidate who polled 20 votes, PPP and NDP had 11 votes each while CPP and The heart of the People, an Independent candidate also polled one vote each.

At SIC Club House Polling centre, NDC took the lead in both presidential and parliamentary votes.

NDC polled 259 votes in the presidential as against NPP?s 186 votes, CPP and UFP had a vote each, while the GCPP, PNC and Independent candidate had nothing.

The NDC had total votes of 237in the parliamentary voting against NPP?s 197 votes, PPP had 7 votes, CPP had two, independent candidate polled three votes.

GCPP, PNC and UFP had nothing.

NDC also won at the Rich School polling centre with 127 votes against NPP?s 120 votes. PPP had three votes, CPP had one vote while the rest had zero. One ballot paper was rejected.

At GIJ polling centre, NPP polled 203 votes against NDC?s 193 votes, PPP and CPP had two votes each while the rest had zero.

Four ballot papers were rejected.



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