I once wrote in this column and stated that anyone who walks in iniquity can only achieve vanity with its attendant public opprobrium.

The world?s most serious criminals who had engaged in serial murders for very long periods of time had lived within the very societies they committed those crimes. They were so noble, or so they appeared, even among their peers. Members of the society become so surprised and disappointed once such characters are exposed for their crimes such that they do not know who they could trust again. If there is anyone in the top hierarchy of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) who hitherto had been perceived as a very decent and moderating voice in the NDC, it was Mr. Yaw Boateng Gyan. Yes, Boateng Gyan.

Ghanaians have a nice way of soothing their pains even when they see the situation as hopeless. I have heard some people say Major Boakye Gyan was a problem to this nation, Asamoah Gyan on a few occasions broke the hearts of many Ghanaians, Afari Gyan is on the verge of setting fire into this country, and finally, Boateng Gyan is planning to use national security to terrorize this nation. What have we done to the Gyans to deserve this?

There is this lady called Abena Gyan I have fallen seriously for. I am taking a second look because of the Gyan.

This nation is already on edge following the stubborn insistence of the Electoral Commission to create additional 45 constituencies at this short period leading to the general elections, less than 90 days from now. In spite of the pleas by stakeholders and very well meaning individuals and religious bodies, the EC is adamant on its position, a situation which has polarized this nation to the point that preventable exchanges of invectives have come to the fore.

While we are trying to manage this volatile situation which is serving as a precursor to the December 7 elections, Boateng Gyan, a man who as I said earlier had carved a niche for himself, at least until this event happened, as a moderating influence in our body politic, showed to us, what diabolic plans the NDC has been using in our party politics at least each time they are in power and what they intend doing this time around; that the NDC is training or had trained some of its foot-soldiers in the past, managed to secure them National Security Identity Cards, infiltrate the security agencies, then come out during election period to visit mayhem on their political opponents to steal the mandate of the people of this country.

This time around, Boateng Gyan said that ?plans were far advanced by the party to issue the National Security ID cards to them, but the NDC was being careful due to the manner in which some of them behaved in public sometime ago when the party engaged their services. Services for what? The strategy, according to Boateng Gyan, ?the National Security office would at the eleventh hour, complain about lack of staff to properly police the December poll, and the NDC would then quickly push the Special Forces members into the National Security for training so that they could work for the party under the guise of being National Security operatives.?

Fellow Ghanaians, my brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, this leak of the NDC has further exposed them as the most violent political party this country has had the misfortune of not only having, but to lead this country for almost 12 years. A political party whose only interest is to win elections at any cost, that is, even if this nation should be in flames, has today told all of us what its modus operandi had been all this while. It is not surprising that at Akwatia in early 2009, security personnel stood by when NDC goons vandalized and attacked NPP personalities including Hon. Dan Botwe, the then general security, Nana Ohene Ntow among others with bloody fervour.

This stone age tactics were employed in Cheriponi and Atiwa in more murderous fashion, all in the full glare of the security agencies who were obviously NDC recruited agents. The NDC, under a so-called man of peace, not only presided upon these murderous acts, but was privy to the execution of it. Today, Prez. John Mahama, who is also preaching peace and politics devoid of insults, is presiding over the plot to use NDC foot-soldiers as National Security personnel, trained and financed by the Minister for Finance to inflict pains and death onto the people of this country for political gains.

When Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, in encouraging NPP supporters to stand firm and not succumb to the intimidations and threats of the NDC with the view to preventing the stealing of the elections, had a full knowledge of the criminal acts of the NDC which today has been made public by Yaw Boateng Gyan. All-Die-Be-Die by Nana Addo has been vindicated. Today, one cannot be sure whether the man in police uniforms stopping a driver on the highway is a genuine policeman trained to protect the public or he is an NDC Police.

The danger to this nation in as far as the NDC National Security infiltration plot is concerned, is the fact that my good friend Col. Gbevlo-Lartey, national security co-ordinator is himself a member of the NDC Political Committee, which includes Boateng Gyan, the national organiser of the NDC. To the NPP, I say, ALL-DIE-BE-DIE, whether National Security or NDC Security, any attempt to intimidate, threaten or steal ballot boxes will be resisted with all our might for ever more. The National Security agencies have serious responsibility to purge themselves of these aberrations in order to restore their trust and confidence in the public, and it should be done now.

Lee Ocran

Pessimistic Lee Ocran, the minister for education is so ideologically clothed that even when there are holes in his suite, they look the best and all others are bad in as long as the torn clothes have ideological colouration. In the year 2012, Lee Ocran believes that the only person who can do anything good for this country is the late Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, that he was the only person capable of offering free education to the people of this country? If that is the case, why is Lee Ocran in government, just to waste our resources, since Nkrumah is dead and therefore cannot be available to do anything better for this nation?

Nkrumah dreamt and planned the Bui Dam, Kufour made that dream come true. What sayest thou, Pessimistic Lee Ocran? The man who described the oil fine in Kufuor?s time as ?adwe ngo? (palm kernel oil locally brewed) is today using the revenues from the ?adwe ngo? to tout his political achievements. Lee Ocran and his apostles in the NDC who have no vision for this nation had doubted the possibility of having a National Health Insurance policy in this country. Today, they claim that 25million Ghanaians are hooked unto the scheme and are successfully accessing the programme. Only Nkrumah could have done that too? That the free Senior High School policy of Nana Addo is impossible? Ask Prez. Mahama, Hon. Bagbin, Ayariga, Mohammed Mumuni, Haruna Iddrisu, Inusa Fuseini and the rest how they financed their SHS education.

What is good for our brothers and sisters from the Northern part of this country is good for those of us in the South as well. After all, where do the bulk of the nation?s resources come from? Oooooo, Lee Ocran wants those of us from the South to become hewers of wood and drawers of water and be denied a policy which has produced very brilliant and productive crop of men and women from the North in the nation?s development agenda.

Lee Ocran, come to the Western Region and counted the number of your people, the Nzemas actively engaged in the ?adwe ngo? business as against those who have enjoyed free education. The people of Western Region will never forgive you. As a minister for education, your solution to the mass failures in the BECE since your government assumed power is to further encourage them to fail by raising the cut off aggregate to 42 from 30, so you can say that when you assumed office as the Education Minister, the BECE recorded 70 plus percent passes. Mediocrity is thy name.

Elvis Afriyie Ankrah

Can anybody tell me where the deputy minister of Local Government is? I have challenged him to publish the performance of the Ahanta West District over the past four years, since he claims the NDC has done better in their four years than the eight years of Kufuor. He seems to have gone AWOL. Publish your projects, Elvis. Let me cut some three tots of mahogany bitters to cool myself.

Source : Kwesi Biney – [email protected]


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