The? opposition? New? Patriotic? Party? (NPP)? Member? for Parliament? for Abuakwa? South? Constituency? Hon.? Atta Akyea has rebutted claims by the ruling NDC government that its acheivements are unprecedented, saying that the government under President Mills has poorly performed.

Atta Akyea
Atta Akyea

In an exclusive interview the NPP kingpin pointed out that the NDC has done nothing for the country, as according? to him, the NDC government?s acheivements cannot be compared to? the eighty? year? rule? under?? former? President? Kufuor? and? the? NPP.

?If you go to the villages you will see that people are suffering a lot. Nothing?? has been done there, but yet still the NDC government is praising itself for doing a lot.?

He? said the? ruling? NDC government only have what they have achieved on paper but? not? on the? ground, adding that the easier? way?? for? the NDC is to make money is through judgement debt.

He revealed that during a tour by the NPP Presidential Candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo in the Eastern region, people are crying for the?? NPP to come back to power, because the NDC government has woefully disappointed them.

He?? said as sitting? MP?? for? Aboakwa?? South? Constituency?? he? has? done? what? he? can? for? his?? people,?? but? what? they? needed? most? is? the? return of the NPP? government.

He? hinted? that? this? is the? time? for Eastern? Region, people of Akyem and Ghana as a whole, to get a President? who will? think about? the?? people.

The Abuakwa? South? MP urged Ghanaians to vote NDC government?? out? of? power?? and?? vote? massively?? for? the? NPP come December 2012 to? take? Ghana? to a different? level.


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