By A. A. Yayra


In spite of President John Dramani Mahama?s call on his party folks to put the simmering tension between the ruling National Democratic Congress and an Accra based anti-government radio station, Joy Fm aside, activists of the party are adamant, demanding the party and government cease all cooperation with the station indicating ?their own polls suggest they are anti-NDC.?

Whiles affirming their utmost respect for the President and the resolve not to go against his orders, majority of NDC activists could not hide their resentment at what they referred to as ?persistent biased reportage of the Multimedia Group to make the government unpopular? when they took to social media to call on the government and NDC party to boycott all programs of the station until its managers come out to render ?full? and unqualified apology.

Expressing their anger on facebook, twitter, whatsapp and other social media platforms, most of the NDC activists accused Multimedia Group, owners of Joy Fm, Asempa Fm, Adom Fm, Multitv, Myjoyonline and others of conniving with the opposition New Patriotic Party to run down the government with unsubstantiated stories.

They accused Joy Fm of inviting some members of the opposition who ?fraudulently? pose as independent media analysts on their platforms only to end up doing dirty works against the government with the aim of bringing down the NDC administration

?Those NPP guys at Joy Fm who claim to be independent-minded journalists must be watched closely, is either they declare openly their true identity or Joy Fm should stop touting itself as a credible independent media house. Their international partners, BBC must know that Joy Fm is working towards regime change for the benefit of their NPP payers and their continual association with them would dent their image? one of the NDC sympathizers wrote on his facebook wall.

Joy Fm and its online associate, recently carried a story that President John Mahama stopped managers of Merchant Bank from retrieving a loan the bank advanced to his brother?s company, Engineers and Planners, but had to offer what the Ministry of Information and Media Relations described as ?half-hearted? apology after it turned out that the story was not true.

The spurious story, which they gave much prominence but fail to do same with the ?vague apology? attracted resentments from members of the NDC out of which one of the deputy Ministers of Information and Media Relations, Mr Felix Kwakye Ofosu issued a strongly-worded statement demanding a ?full? and unqualified apology from the station.

In the heat of the wrangling between the media outlet and supporters of the NDC, President Mahama, who initially was reported mad at the radio station?s reckless behavior, called on government?s communicators and the Ministry of Information to put the matter behind them and accept the apology from the anti-government media house.

In an interview with the press corps in Paris, where he is attending a conference on Peace and Security, organized under the aegis of the Franco-African Summit the President noted ?We can?t afford to get too emotional. We have a challenging job and it is easy in some circumstances to lose one?s cool?.

He cautioned the media outlet to be fair, accurate and balanced in their reportage, especially when such reports have the potential of hurting the hard earned reputation of others, stating ?as the oldest and largest privately-owned network in Ghana, Multimedia has a responsibility to strive for accuracy and fairness in its work.?

Prior to that, Joy fm, had through its evening news anchor and chief architect of the malicious publication, Evan Mensah, rudely said the station would not apologize to the President.

However, it put up a poll on asking the public what their perception of the station is?

As of midday December 9, 2013 results from the online polls confirm Joy FM as anti-NDC. Over 2322 votes or 56.51% out of a total of 4109 Ghanaians said Joy FM was anti-NDC whiles a paltry 356 voters or 8.66% believed the station was NPP bias.

Obviously shooting itself in the foot with results from the polls which they thought would go in their favor.

It is unclear if the NPP-biased station, at least per their own polls would finally retract the anti-Mahama story and apologize accordingly.

But NDC activists say results from the poll vindicated their position and conviction about Joy FM and Multimedia group and as such government and the NDC party must cut all cooperation until they see reason to do that right thing.


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