Dr Kwabena Adjei-NDC Chairman
Dr Kwabena Adjei-NDC Chairman

-Angry party supporters bare teeth

Some Supporters of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) ?are said to be seething with? anger over what they described as lack of interest gradually being shown by most leading members of the party in the on-going election petition at the Supreme Court.?

According to the fuming NDC supporters, they see no reason why some leading members of the party have decided to stop going to court to witness proceedings, a development they say sends wrong signals to the public.

On Wednesday, teeming supporters of the ruling party trooped to our Mamobi office in Accra to express their misgivings about the conduct of their leaders, which they described as uncalled for.

?For reasons best known to some leading members of our party, who stand at privileged positions to enter the courtroom, they have decided to desert the court after the first week of the hearing when they came in their numbers.?

In a very harsh tone, some of the supporters told The Al-Hajj in an interview that ?we are highly convinced that some of the big men in the NDC are gradually becoming complacent, in the sense that, some of them no longer go to court to witness proceedings as they did when the hearing of the case started.?

In their view, the diligent and brilliant legal dexterity being shown by lawyers of the first and third respondents needed to be backed with a highly spirited moral boost by the presence of the bigwigs of the NDC in court.

The NDC supporters stated that whiles the court room is always packed with senior NPP officials, a development they say portrays the biggest opposition party as bent on fighting their case tooth and nail, officials of the ruling party have decided not to show up for the proceedings.

?If you go to the court today, you will be intimidated by the presence of the bigwigs of the NPP? if you turn to the side of the NDC, you will be wondering whether we are lacking big men? apart from Asiedu Nketiah, chairman KwabenaAdjei and some few party big shots, the rest are young men and women of the party.

Hearing of the election petition at the Supreme Court enters day fourteen today with lead counsel for the third respondent, TsatsuTsikata expected to cross-examine the star witness and second petitioner, Dr.MahamudBawumia.

Source:?A A Yayra (The Al-Hajj)


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