We the members of the UNITED NDC have been following with keen interest the exploits of Mr. Kofi Adams, undoubtedly one of the experienced comrades in the national executive committee and his recent posture on who best fit the position of the next flag bearer of the party after the December 7th polls.

We wish to put on records that his position on the fact that Mr. John Dramani Mahama is the best candidate for the NDC in 2020, is not only premature but divisive.

As a national organiser of our party we wish to remind him of his role as a leader and must remain as neutral as possible till the party elects a new leader at congress, at a later date to be determined by the same body of which he is part.

It is on records that, the party has a 13-man committee led by Professor Kwasi Botchwey, with a mandate to determine and report same, as to the reasons for the land slide defeat of the party in the last elections, in the face of massive developments.

With the committees work in progress it is unclear why the haste by Mr. Kofi Adams to move from one media house to the other, trying to force a candidate on the NDC. This is not only worrying but unfortunate of a national executive of his calibre.

We wish to remind him of the fact that he has a mandate as a national executive. And in his capacity as the National Organiser, we expect him to lead the crusade of the rebuilding towards a more formidable NDC prepared for battle come 2020 and not to act as the spokes person for Mr. Mahama or the campaign coordinator he was for the 2016 elections that failed to win back power.

He needs not to be reminded that he will be breeding grounds for chaos should other executives at the national level like the Party Chairman, General Secretary, Youth Organiser and the rest, down to the various constituencies also begin to speak as he did on Kassapa FM, GHone and other media houses of their preferred choice of candidate going into 2020.

If it is about what he feels, that is completely and entirely his opinion and we respect it. But he can do so by resigning his position to champion that ambition.

Responsibly on his part as a National Organiser and respectfully on our part as members of the great NDC party, we wish to remind him once again, how passionate we are with the regrouping and reorganisation of our dear party and to make it battle ready and attractive to Ghanaians come 2020

Against this backdrop, we will not tolerate any single individual or a group, with a selfish interest or ambition, to ruin the unity of the part.

We believe strongly that at this point in our political history, NDC must be allowed to pass the test without fail.

For this reason, it is our prayer that any candidate interested in leading the party will be treated fairly when nominations open in the near future.

This is the only surety that the winner in our future congress will have the support of the entire NDC.

We therefore call on Kofi Adams once again to concentrate on the rest of his mandate as the National Organiser of the party and not to allow the media to use him to foil our progress by answering questions on who best fit the position of a flag bearer.

We also call on the national chairman, his team and the National Counsel of Elders to issue a statement calling on Mr. Kofi Adams as a matter of urgency to desist from such utterances, as his current posture is a threat to the rebuilding process and a strong NDC for 2020.

1. Nii Eric Lamptey (convenor)
2 .David Kumi
3. Yaotsey Ndorkutsu
4. Mark Anthony
5. Samed Dakora.

Contacts: 0547991080, 0243551769

Long life NDC
Long live Ghana