Professor Kwesi Yankah
Professor Kwesi Yankah

Stalwarts of the ruling National Democratic Congress say the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) and President of Central University College (CUC), Professor Kwesi Yankah are surrogates of the opposition New Patriotic Party engaged in their bidding.

? Professor Kwesi Yankah

Professor Kwesi Yankah

According to the NDC kingpins, although managers of the IEA and Prof Yankah have presented themselves as neutral democratic institution and socio-economic and political analysts, they are dyed in the wool sympathizers of the NPP doing everything humanly possible to rundown the Maham-led NDC government.

Having been disappointed and disturbed about the fast dwindling fortunes of the NPP ahead of the 2016 elections, the IEA, Prof Yankah and their ilk in the civil society organizations, under the guise of independent and neutral commentators, the NDC say, have in recent times stepped up their campaign for a regime change.

Setting the tone, the first to expose the underbelly of the IEA and the CUC President was the Managing Editor of The aL-hAJJ, Alhaji Bature Iddrisu, a known sympathizer of the governing NDC, who said Prof Yankah, in spite his intellectual depth and astuteness, has since time immemorial never hidden his sheer abhorrence for anything NDC and the Rawlings tradition.

According to him the IEA, like Prof Yankah and some religious leaders and civil society organizations, are all presently pursuing an anti-Mahama/NDC agenda because the candidate and political party they are relishing to see come to power have not proven to be ready, saying ?Prof Yankah has never hidden his hatred for the NDC; since the Rawlings era, he has been using his column in mirror newspaper, “WOES OF A KWATRIOT” to attack and denigrate former President Jerry John Rawlings and the NDC,?

Speaking on Multitv?s BADWAN newspaper review program, Wednesday, Alhaji Bature stated ?What Prof Yankah said at the IEA corruption conference are all lies. First of all there is no official at the presidency who is under investigation for corruption neither has anyone been indicted for any corrupt act. So for him to say that the presidency has become a safe haven for corrupt government officials, to me, is a total fabrication and smacks of intellectual dishonesty.?

Speaking at a recent IEA conference on corruption, Prof. Yankah told the assembled gathering that government appointees embroiled in corruption and embezzlement of funds later find work at the presidency, saying that makes that office a ?comfortable refuge for the corrupt?.

According to Prof. Yankah, the failure to investigate appointees of government mired in corruption-related matters was fueling the perception that there was a lack of commitment to fight the menace.

?When government appointees are cited for embezzlement or corruption, no machine is set in motion for investigation, prosecution and indictment? the learned Professor lamented.

He cited the case of Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, a former Minister of Youth and Sports under whose watch the 2014 World Cup fiasco occurred, but now finds himself as a Minister of State at the Flagstaff House.

But General Secretary of the NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketsiah and his deputy, Koku Anyidoho did not only differ with the learned Professor; they accused the president of the CUC and conference organizers, the IEA, of turning a serious corruption-conference into a campaign platform for the opposition NPP.

Mr Asiedu Nketsiah, known in political circles as General Mosquito, said the supposed IEA corruption conference failed to achieve its objective of finding a lasting solution to corruption the moment IEA paraded known NPP sympathizers as guest speakers.

Commenting on Prof Yankah?s statements, Asiedu Nketsiah, said ?Imagine IEA wants to talk about corruption and the way to fight it and then the speakers are Albert Kan Dapaah, Prof Kwesi Yankah, Justice Emile Short and Duah Agyeman as the main speakers of the conference?.aside this, you know where the speakers are coming from; nobody needs to tell you their political orientation in this country.?

He further described the IEA Corruption conference as a road show that is meant to demonstrate that they are working hard but far from the intention to fight corruption as it sort to propagate with the conference.

?…if this is the way to fight corruption, then we have a long way to go?..I don?t know how yesterday corruption conference is contributing towards solving the problems of corruption at all. To make it credible, the IEA should have allowed me enough time to express my opinion about the topic and the position of NDC about the issue,? he stated.

On his part, a deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Koku Anyidoho described Prof Yankah?s tagging of the presidency as haven for corrupt government officials as coming from “somebody sitting at a chop bar, under a palm tree drinking palm wine.”

?Now he is speaking like somebody sitting at a chop bar, under a palm tree drinking palm wine and because people are talking of corruption, he is also trying to say some?and without any evidence firing salvos at the President?? Anyidoho stated on Accra based Oman Fm.


Source: the ALHAJJ


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