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wpid-NDC.jpgBY Abubakari Seidu Ajarfor

The United Cadres? Movement of the NDC has blamed the media for their utterances and programmes which sort to discredit the good efforts of the Mahama-led administration with little regards to their ethics of profession.

The General Secretary, Nyaku Efenam said they will embark on vigorous confrontations to the extent of exposing those who have filtrated the ranks of the NDC just to loot and discredit the Better Ghana Agenda in order to save the image of their heritage since the formation of the party.

According to him, the media has performed quite creditably but for the fact that some press houses have been turned into political mayhem incubators where venomous infractions are conjured and deliberately fired to the good leaders of the country.

He however noted the media have sold their watchdog role and have turned on the same society they have to protect.

Speaking to the press, the General Secretary noted the nation has been polarized beyond unimaginable dimensions that have become a matter of fact that by the pull-him-down attitude of some politicians once they are not in power.

He said the intransigence by opponents to vilify of the government has engaged themselves in distortion, lies, acrimony, rancor and bad bloodinto is needless and thoughtless.

Mr. Efenam added Members of Parliament who have turned the chamber into a theatre of comics should desist from such professional misconducts and remain serious in order to formulate policies that will bring physical change.

General Secretary has condemned the recent comments by the leadership of the Trades Union Congress to destabilizing the peace and security of this country as treacherous and subversive.

He said it is quite worrying to note that the local government system as envisaged by the founders of the District Assembly concept has not gone beyond the initial 22 decentralised institutions which is unacceptable.

The chairman of the Cadres? front, Kofi Aikins said the antagonistic stand of some media is unhealthy to a collective course of nation building.

He has urged the media to help put the polluted media landscape in order to check the vile and unsavory language used on their airwaves.


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