Lt Col Larry Gbevlo-­Lartey

Lt Col Larry Gbevlo-­Lartey

The Leadership of the two major political parties, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) yesterday met with the National Security Co-ordinator, Lt Col Larry Gbevlo-Lartey (rtd), to strategise towards the outcome of the Supreme Court ruling over the 2012 election petition.

The meeting, which was attended by the chairmen of the two parties, Dr Kwabena Adjei of the NDC and Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey, was held behind closed doors at the National Security Secretariat, famously referred to as ?Blue Gate?.

Among several resolutions that the leadership agreed on was that; none of the parties would shield any of their members who flouted the laws before, during and after the ruling of the Supreme Court. Offenders would be handed over to the security agencies.

Members and supporters of the NDC and the NPP, who have the intention of causing mayhem before and after the Supreme Court ruling on the election petition, may now have to revise their notes.


Jake Obetsebi Lamptey

Jake Obetsebi Lamptey

Moments after the meeting, NDC chairman Dr Kwabena Adjei, told journalists ?we agreed that we will not hide any of our members who do wrong.?

?In any political party, there are the doves and there are the hawks; within our parties we know the hawks and we know the doves and if we identify one to be a potential trouble causer doing something that the majority do given the initiatives that have been mobilised to this stage, we will give him away to the authorities,? he said.

He therefore sent a strong note of caution to supporters and executives of the NDC and NPP to stay clear.

?We want to show Ghana that we are brothers and that if we are united, if we understand ourselves, then the rest of Ghana must get united and understand itself?.

On his part, the Chairman of NPP, Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey, stated that ?this meeting was one such opportunity where the people in charge of National Security recognising the role that we play and will continue to play?invited the Chairman of the NDC and myself to come and meet with them and talk through some of the challenges facing our nation as we approach the verdict of the Supreme Court and how we can all handle it because you know that?somebody will get what they want or part of what they want; somebody will not.?

Dr. Kwabena Adjei - NDC Chairman

Dr. Kwabena Adjei ? NDC Chairman

?We will be the one who will have to manage the disappointment or deal with the appointment because the appointment will bring cause for celebration and how we?ll make sure that those celebrations are not used to taunt anybody else and therefore provoke any violence,? he assured.


He therefore said ?both of us are extremely committed to the well-being of the country; committed to the peace of this country and we are talking about real measures that we can take, making sure that all of us can sleep at night, get up in the morning and deal with how we can improve our lives and keep moving forward.?

Some of these measures, he said, included identifying potential trouble areas and sharing information about those hotspots while getting the media to lessen the tension in the country ?so that whoever will come and talk loosely can stop speaking quite so loosely.?

This, according to him, was because ?we don?t have to get to Rwanda before we decide that we can deal with each other; you and I can argue, we can even call each other names without getting to calling each other things that we can never forgive ourselves for.?

A couple of these meetings are expected to be held before the final declaration of the results.

The security services in turn were said to have resolved not to use brute force against anybody but to protect the state for all Ghanaians.

 By Charles Takyi-Boadu


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