December 11th 2012
We, the members of the NDC AMSTERDAM BRANCH, wishes to officially congratulate His Excellency
John Dramani Mahama on the victory of NDC?in the Dec 7th 2012 elections. Our equal admiration goes to
the people of Ghana for showing resolute towards the issues that truly matter in our development as a
The NDC AMSTERDAM BRANCH along with NDC branches in the diaspora, in a concerted effort wishes
to express to our members both home and abroad, that NDC headed by His Excellency President John
Dramani Mahama listened to all the concerns, heard about all the grievances , and as partners in
development and democracy , we would do our utmost best to address all these concerns under a
yet to be announced template that would put all sectors of our economy to work. We believe that the
work as just began, and it is our primary concern that Government partners with NDC branches overseas
with the right impetus to engineer the much needed change that can be measured in terms of keeping
campaign promises made in 2012 so that come 2016 NDC will retain power to transform Ghana under
the better Ghana agenda.
Interim Chairman of the NDC Amsterdam branch, Dhr Dodoo wishes to assure Ghanaians that NDC
branches across the globe are fully aware of the challenges ahead and therefore takes the opportunity
to encourage His Excellency John Dramani Mahama to continue his open door policy, which allows
Ghanaians from all sectors and walks of life to share and exchanges ideas aimed at enhancing the
lives of the average Ghana. An example would be that the NDC Amsterdam Branch has facilitated a
partnership with an International Technology and Educational Consultancy, that is ready to partner with
the government in the delivery of Technological Infrastructures to enhance the Learning and Educational
paradigm of Ghana. He went to encourage NDC branches in the diaspora to create similar ventures in
other sectors of the Ghanaian economy.
To the other Presidential Candidates, NDC Amsterdam Branch, applauds their participation,
argumentation towards the development of Ghana, their patience, and above all their respect towards
the rule of law. As politicians it?s paramount to lead by example so as to truly merit the ?honorable? tag
being placed on them. Ghana deserves a leadership that truly understands the needs of all Ghanaians.
And the NDC has always proven it?s a party that cares for all and sundry.
Once again congratulations to H. E. John Dramani Mahama and the entire NDC team that made this
possible. Congratulations to all Ghanaians, and let?s get to work to ensure that the next 4 (four) years
would be an experience worth making us all proud Ghanaians.?? God bless Ghana!!
Interim Executives
A.Dodoo, F. Morgan, Ms. A. Arthur, N. Takyi-Blankson, E Adarkwah, S Lartey, Worlanyo


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